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New Amazon Fire TV 4K Gaming Edition Review

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  1. Better than my pc


    Now all I need is a 4k TV which is expensive.

  3. great review

  4. panagiotis choriatis

    Im gonna take this 🙂

  5. battery-operated controller? what is this, the 90s?

  6. Dallas Brigance

    can you get steam?

  7. Dallas Brigance

    can you get steam?

  8. DAVID NEUES Govedarevic

    Voll ein scheiß Kind

  9. nah I'll just buy an ouya instead

  10. That Random Guy

    Can you use this controller with the Amazon Fire Tablet? (The £50/$50 one)

  11. Do you need Amazon Prime for this?

  12. Will the controller work with other Android hardware?

  13. I so want an Xbox version of this.

  14. Put some lotion on bro

  15. It must be so snug in that tank. It's a shame it was up against German monsters

  16. Is chrome cast better?

  17. First video in my subs that has reviewed this, good show!

  18. great review! btw how is the new house?

  19. great video. keep up the great work

  20. earlphone jbl s200@a ? unboxing ?

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