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PS Vita Review: Need for Speed Most Wanted

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  1. nicholasbeuken2000

    Does it have tilt control?

  2. can u put your own music in this game

  3. Beast master 64

    hey guys can you change the controls in this game

  4. The name of the song is darude sandstorm Thank Me Later

  5. no I have that game its good but not better than this

  6. Midnight Club LA Remix is better than this.

  7. Play random gamer


  8. Why is the single player in this game so shonky? If I'm going faster than my opponents, I should expect to win races. not have them magically teleporting right beside me constantly.

  9. good graphic but is too arcade. I prefer the old NFS's for PSP…

  10. This game is the main reason why I bought a vita not for those jrpg crap

  11. i played this for a while but found i was just driving around and doing a few random races…what is the actual aim of the game? 

  12. I can't complain too much as this is a free game. The racing is mostly fun, but the car damage has absolutely NO rhyme or reason its complete retarded. You can slam into other racers within a race and get "takedown points", but dont you DARE crash into a traffic car or it goes into this big dramatic cut scene and says "CRASHED!" so you get knocked back to last. You can slam cop cars as hard as you want, but dont dare touch the regular traffic cars, now here is the kicker, sometimes randomly if you just barely clip the traffic cars it DOESNT make a huge cut scene deal of it, and in fact SOMETIMES it actually gives you "traffic take down" points. WHAT THE HELL? Either you can hit traffic cars or you cant make up your MIND DEVELOPERS! I guess remove that element and this game is pretty decent. 

  13. this is my first racing game on vita and I am blown away at just how fun it is. and to think that I got it for free. thanks sony and EA!

  14. Free now be quick.


  16. Iftekhar Ahmed

    I really liked your balanced review Tarheel, good job man.

  17. Best game ever! and by the way guys i just wanna how to change the music background? I mean if i want to forward in a next music. Tnx 🙂

  18. BenitoCamelasCuevas

    $5 on PSN, this week only

  19. Royal Family Dance Crew Fans

    what is the best racing car in vita? new to vita here =)

  20. William Bradford Bishop

    Add me ps vita gamers on mrlovely2u

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