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Aliens: Infestation Review for the Nintendo DS

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  1. Very nice review sir. Plus that Policenauts theme intro <3

  2. One of the last AAA games released to the DS in its last months before the 3DS took over. And it is so good! Nice review! 

  3. 4hrs? Did you find all the marines and explore all hidden areas? I remember getting around 5-6hrs out of this game.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the video 🙂 Took me a while to get it the way I wanted, but I think it turned out in the end. Thanks again for the game 🙂

  5. Yeah I wholeheartedly agree, which is why I scored it the way I did. I enjoyed every minute of this game, and it's so unfortunate no one knows about this. Honestly had you not given me this game it would have stayed in limbo for all time. I hope more people check this video out and give the game a chance, it truly deserves it.

  6. Also I clocked mine at exactly 6 hours, but I do not possess your skills. I tend to run and gun rambo style and usually die a lot in videogames. That said, you're absolutely right about it being extremely short and having not much replay value. That being said, I will gladly take a 5 hour game like this any day of the week over a 30 hour game that drags in the end. Again, great job!

  7. You really gave the game justice with your best review yet. I hope more and mote people will learn about this absolute gem and check it out as it's one of the best games on the DS, and that's saying a lot. Glad you enjoyed!

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