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Corpse Party Blood Drive (PS Vita / PSTV) Video Review

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  1. GamingOnABudgetGuy

    Please get a Blue Microphone Snowball

  2. I have played every game yay

  3. I prefer these 3D graphics over the 2D sprites.

  4. I love the corpse party games, but what's real scary is trying the sachiko ever after legend in real life with your friends.

  5. Wow what a crappy game

  6. Jackson Williamson

    honestly i watched the first game and read the sending of the second. i hated the first and never even played book of shadows. but this game was amazing. whenever i got confused i just looked it up. however the story was still mildly confusing

  7. hi.i have never played a corpse party game,but i love the horror genre.Furthermore,this game,corpse party blood drive is on sale right now for 20 euros.
    I want to buy i since its cheaper,but having no prior expirience wight the series is it worth it ?

  8. NevermindPlays

    8/10? have you hit your head? Heres my review:
    Graphics:For an portatile game they are not that bad actually i liked it even if it took the series charm out

    History:Awful history looked a lot like some kind of generic bad anime plot

    Characters:Some of the old character like ayumi where awful ot was her fault anything happend and they even changed some of their personalities like moshida that never wanted to split was fucking sugesting that every second,about the new character i dont even remember their names because they sucked

    Gameplay:Terrible most of the time you where running arround having no clue where to go or what to do looking to not step on glass or wires,some times creatures appeared and you had to run from them but that was awful,you would normally end up dead for like 5 times before figuring out what to do,but the worst thing was that you cant choose anymore well at leas not how the other games where like corpse party was a game of choices,if you choose this you die if you choose this you can proceed whats the point on taking that off that sucks

    Bugs:There are so many bugs,enemies that get you a corner and beat you onto death,enemies that see you hide trough walls,wires that hit you even if you cut them its just awful

    Scary: The game is less scary than the other games when a bad choice could kill you instantly but it has its moments even if it jumped from tryng to be scary to tryng to be gross it doesnt mean its bad on this aspect

    2/10 the game sucks badly awful characters awful history awful gameplay but it dont fail on the basic aspect of a game (Cof cof big riggs)

  9. projectshadow0091

    blood drive was my first game in this series.I enjoy the game though the story of the main character felt like silent hill 3 main character story.keep in mind I haven't played the originals yet.Maybe when I played the originals it won't feel like silent hill 3 story anymore,for ill know the whole story.this is in all my opinion.overall this games is worth getting especially get the special addition.which comes with a music cd sound track of all three games.which this game soundtrack is freaking awesome,and don't let this game being a squeal scare you off. trust me Im myself was new and I didn't get lost in the story.that's it I recommend new players to go for it. being a squeal you can still play it.

    P.s for god sake don't play this on the pstv. It was like playing silent hill hd collection all over again.ITS TO FUCKING DARK! >:( maybe its was my tv,but I try everything and was still to dark.so I recommend not playing this on pstv.

  10. I have watched the anime, do i still need to play the prior games if i seen the anime?

  11. Joey van de ende

    Only 10 seconds loadingtimes? Dude, you are a very impatient person

  12. valkosilmapeura

    Just wanted to say that select button activates infinite battery mode for the flashlight.

  13. Well, know what i'm buying this week. Thanks for the review

  14. Dude you gained 3 subscribers for being a PS Vita/ Corpse Party fan man 🙂

  15. It would be nice if you were to generalize your review a bit more, rather than overemphasizing basic gameplay mechanics. Your whole 'how to get away from ghosts' tutorial would have been better spent talking about your impressions of the game as a whole.

  16. SPOILER ALERT kind of…

    I found the ending of Blood Drive to be more like the anime's ending. With so many went in and not all made it out.

  17. I loved the more survival feel of this game with limited items and run option. The horror was properly built and greatly used. I did have problems with the story and how it seemed to force in some plot points.

  18. Awesome review , you are a great reviewer

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