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Sony PS Vita Slim (2014) Review


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Summary : Good

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  1. Terrible review of this gorgeous console. The smartphone concept couldn’t
    be further from a true dedicated console gaming experience. Can you imagine
    a smarter (heavier OS) on the PS Vita? Even today’s flagships doesn’t have
    the true console capabilities like the Vita has. I’ve played Sonic racing
    transformed on my Note 3 with 3Gb of RAM and 2.3Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon
    800 and I’ve played it on the Vita as well and not only that the graphics
    are richer on the PS Vita, but also my Note gets hot after a few minutes of
    gameplay because it has a ton of operations on the background an Android
    OS. So in conclusion is aways better to have dedicated gaming console
    rather than a smartphone who’s capable of playing games…

  2. You say PSP graphics are better at the start
    30mins later its better than PSP

  3. should i get this or the original? 

  4. SecondSonOfPsychoSons


  5. the original PS vita is much better in every aspect. Better screen and
    better overall built quality …

  6. more unconfortable for play… normal folks have big hands! dammn

  7. I’m thinking of getting this for Christmas how is it on scratches?


  9. I really want to get it but all the reviews turn back to the origional or
    on stuff i dont care about.

  10. So you didn’t buy a gaming console for games?

  11. Hate the touch pad and I think it’s even more gimmicky than what Nintendo
    has done. Tearaway for me was the only good game that utilizes and people
    who have missed out probably won’t care because they can get it on PS4 next
    year now. Not sure if it’s the same game, but still.

  12. Please help me out on this,
    I am going to buy the slim, but only if games such as GTA V come out on it.
    Can I expect these good games or not ?

  13. This or the original?

  14. How are you going to compare the Vita to phones, and then blatantly say
    that the DS isn’t comparable to it if that’s what they are competing with?
    Stupid review.

  15. ohgodanotherchannel

    “The 3DS aren’t really contenders”

    Really? You do know that the 3DS is currently DOMINATING the handheld
    console right now, right?

  16. Can one still buy the original vitA?

  17. Not LED but LCD my friend

  18. I had to stop this video when he mentioned, I didn’t buy this PS Vita to
    play games on but to look at videos.

    What a idiot and he has a Windows Phone like he can’t watch videos on that.

  19. I played with the PSP for many many years. And im planning to buy a PS Vita
    slim. Do you think guys its the best portable way to play games?

  20. “I didnt get the Vita for games.” well then.

  21. 14:25

    I didnt really buy a gaming console to play games? Then what the hell are
    you doing reviewing tech if you dont know what they are made for? Idiot. 

  22. that psp looks like its seen some shit

  23. Thanks a lot for this honest review.
    I was about to buy this, but now there’s no way I’ll be spending my money
    on it.

  24. Getting mine tomorrow with Borderlands 2!! Great review, really excited me
    for what I’m about to experience!! 

  25. Around 9:45 you say you dont understand why they cant put the same
    components in the Vita that are in cell phones, at least regards the
    screen. The Vita is $199. The average high end smart phone is $800 (off
    contract). Kinda explains why you get a quarter the RAM, a minuscule
    amount of on-board storage, and a less-than HD screen. No one would buy an
    $800 mobile handheld gaming device.

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