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Sony PSP E1000 Quick Review

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  1. “wat da hell are you tinking anyway?”

  2. Epsp has no wifi? That’s wierd. I still want one though because the design
    looks a bit different from the regular psp

  3. Jurgen Cuschieri

    it’s not good because it’s in the name psp e1000 as in playstation portable
    elite 1000 that means it’s halv as good as the original but you’r right I
    mean why did sony reales this as the last psp it should be the second one
    and if it wasen’t with the name elite it should have been the first psp

  4. “seriously, it sucks!” LOLOL!!!!

  5. Psp e1004 is supreme

  6. Cheers for the video! I was thinking of buying an e1000 but after I saw
    this video, I instantly changed my mind, I don’t see the point of the
    e1000, it costs 60 quid from argos in the UK, but I got my pap 3000 from a
    pawn shop for 35 quid! 

  7. No wifi?……..mnh…..its better the psp go and 3010,love to download the
    games from psn 😉 not via media go

  8. Mortal Porcupine

    You forgot to include the PSP GO

  9. Psp e1004 is better bcase

  10. the e1002 is okay actually. In my country which is Malaysia, its so cheap
    and almost all the games run smoothly. I actually play psp games on
    emulators but after getting the e1002, i can travel anywhere and still
    carry that in my pocket. i seriously recommend it.

  11. From Hong Kong?

  12. Xx! Robotz Gaming !xX

    psp e1000 sucks it has no wlan

  13. Its single speaker…. if u want u can use headphones

  14. Psp e1004 is the best

  15. You have a sexy voice! I love it when you say “hell”

  16. the psp 2000 is the best

  17. Tzovanis Vithoulkas

    where is the wlan swich button in psp e1400 at 2:19 because i can’t find it

  18. So Asian

  19. The street psp when are u gonna have wifi in the middle of a street

  20. Gian Santos Ninja Gangsta

    The box is a 3ds buy he is using an iphone

  21. the e1000 is massive

  22. KrystianPolska10

    this is psp1004

  23. this kid do review sucks ! trash talk about SONY all .. == .. better dont
    do review then or rather better dont buy ! this is a low cost portable psp,
    if u got all the generation of psp, why would u need another with no wifi?

  24. what i hate about psp E-1000 it don’t have a wlan

  25. Do you work at kwik-e mart?

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