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DS Lite Video Review

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  1. Wow, the first youtube video I watched so many memories. 

  2. I’ll have to agree with the rest of you guys. This video brings me so many
    good memories of the good old days of scavenging the internet for
    information on games and gaming hardware <3

  3. i had a ds lite first but im going backwards and getting the original i
    someway want a bulky system by the way CHICKEN!

  4. I’m back from the future, almost a decade later and I have so many memories
    to share 😉

    To make a long story short: Don’t buy this one, there’s a New DS, literally
    called the “New 3DS” coming out soon ;D

  5. Does anyone remember that kid that did the DS Lite review? I think his name
    was Eric Leamen or something? He did all kinds of Nintendo videos.

  6. I like the fat DS better because it aims at my nostalgia I felt when I
    first saw the DS. When I got one for my birthday eight years back, it was
    the ds lite which I wasn’t familiar with. Still liked it, got games for it
    for…..roughly a year until I got bored of it. I am ordering a fat one
    right now just because I enjoy it a lot for its appearance and grip. Its
    matte finnish is much better to hold and less finger printy for me. And the
    buttons don’t break as easily either, truly a durable design aside from the
    one middle hinge. Even that, though, makes it look awesome idk why. Bigger
    is better to me since my hands are so huge. Original DS……a decade
    later, and I find myself wanting one again. Nintnedo will always be the
    master of nostalgia, for making me want a device in 2004 today, in 2014.
    Long live the DS. And props to anyone who kept theirs when the DS Lite came
    out, or is rebuying the fat one again like me.

  7. This was the video that sold me on the ds lite

  8. Cave's TF2 Videos

    i watched the shit out this vid once a apon a time, wow how time flies… 

  9. I remember watching this years ago damn

  10. I watched this when I was 5 ! Now I’m 10

  11. WOW. This is 8 years old?! I watched this video a few months after it was
    published and I just turned 11 years old. Now I am 18 and am hitting 19 in
    a few months. Time sure does fly by. I have gotta say re-watching this
    video brings me so much memories.

  12. This was the first vid I watched ever 8 years ago 

  13. Oh, the nostalgia :D.
    This made me get a ds lite back in the day :)

  14. One of my first video watched on YouTube 8 years ago. I know it by heart
    it’s freaking me out that it’s been 8 years already

  15. ויליאם פוגולייב


  16. WOW! I watched this video two days when it came out….this brings so many
    memories! You, Cabel, are the one who made me want to buy a DS lite, and
    let me tell you, I gotta thank you so much for that (the DS lite was my
    first DS).

  17. Little Miss Nintendo

    When he said “The new nintendo ds lite” I was like yeah… New

  18. This is old

  19. I remember watching this when I was 8. Brings back so many memories! :3

  20. I personally like the ds phat better than the ds lite because of it’s

  21. SuperToastytoast

    You do great reviews, I actually bought the ds lite back then because of
    you. I just wish you did more

  22. Good lord. Im 20 now, but I was 12 years old when I watched this. I can’t
    believe it was 8 years ago. God, time flies by.

  23. ” ignore the cat sticker” hahaha!

  24. I have the fat DS! :3
    DS Lite sucks!

  25. pokemon1132 (Proslushpuncher180)

    … so OLD I have a DS Lite but Old…

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