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Best Gaming Notebooks of CES 2014

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  1. Dennis Zakhrabekov

    im choosing between alienware mx17/18 r5 and asus g750jz rog, or lenovo y50
    any advice??

  2. cristiano ronaldo

    Is the HP pavillion 17 F035ND good for gaming ? It has got this in it (17,3
    inch FHD • Intel Core i5-4210U • 8 GB • 1 TB HDD + 8 GB ExpessCache •
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M (2 GB) .. Please answer , i want to play some games
    on it like battlefield 4 in high resolution , if you say it that way xD

  3. Jose Torres Alicea

    Msi is better than Asus and Alienware 

  4. I’m thinking of getting either the Razer Blade, the Lenovo y50, or whatever
    that one was at the beginning. Any advice?!

  5. Can someone give me heads up on tips for a gaming laptop? I have no
    knowledge of laptops what-so-ever. My switch from PC to laptop is due to
    the fact that I’ll be using it for school and also want a new computer for
    gaming. I was thinking of buying the razer laptop that linus had a positive
    review toward. Are Alienware worth it? I’ve heard of alienware and heard
    they tend to overpriced their products so I never found interest in them
    until now. 

  6. In terms of value the y50 takes the cake.

  7. What happened to clevo/sager!?

  8. Freddymeyyer45668

    Does anybody here have a big knowledge of Computers ? Which one is better
    the Lenovo Y50, Razor Blade Pro or MSI GE70 2PE APACHE PRO the best ? And
    which one of them would be able to play a game like Crysis or Battlefield 4
    in Ultra Settings ?
    Thank You in Advance 

  9. nothing better than alienware, except the price.

  10. How/when can I get the 4k Lenovo y50? :(

  11. alienwares are the best

  12. What is a good gaming note book I can game and work on for about $1000

  13. **║cpt.swag║**

    any1 know the name of the secret msi?

  14. If you don’t travel a lot don’t waste your money on the so called gaming
    Build a desktop and get a cheap laptop or ultrabook if you need power on
    the go. Because a bulky alienware laptop defeats the whole purpose of
    mobility. You won’t be using it on your lap and sure as hell not in bed,
    unless you want to kill it. Enjoy your games maxed out on a desktop and use
    laptop for work and shit.

  15. Alienware was best, best pricing and vakue, good cooling. I DONT CARE ON ON
    HOW THICK IT IS, except if its like extreme.

  16. or you could build your own gaming desktop, like a real man

  17. OMG Yaaaas, my Lenovo is on here. :D

  18. im looking to get a gaming laptop (not spending over 3000) but i want power
    so i am looking at the alienware but i also want something portable (and i
    don’t wanna carry a 12 pound laptop in my backpack) so i looked at the
    razer and the auros but have still have no idea on what to get plz help me

  19. how about lenovo y510p? Is it good for gaming?

  20. Joxley Tutorials

    I want the Blade 14 but it’s not here in the uk. 

  21. cool

  22. is he gay?!

  23. What is the name of the laptop at 2:00 ?

  24. Aura sec 7 is that how its spelled???

  25. What is the name of the first one?? the msi one!? come on man you gotta
    tell us D:

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