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CGR Undertow – MINECRAFT review for PlayStation 3

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  1. Sure, there are a couple hostiles. A couple levels to gain. A few
    obstacles. But the idea of Minecraft is a unique one: Build whatever the
    hell you want.

  2. The PC version is incomporable to any other version just because of modding
    and public multiplayer servers

  3. There is an end game you should have at least gotten there.

  4. I read the title as Minecraft review for PlayStation 2.

  5. Such a steep learning curve. But it was a pretty rewarding, hard-earned
    platinum trophy to get.

  6. lol I’ve Been Playing This Game All Day!

  7. now even cgr plays minecraft -_-

  8. I recommend the PC version over the console version. 

  9. FleshEatingMouse Bottles

    What is Minecraft?

  10. Now i am in no way a pc fan boy , but i really think you should have played
    the pc version first it is 10 times more superior , with loads more updates
    , free textur packs /skins and thousands of great mods that give the game
    some more fire when your intereast has burned out , i usually dont like
    modding but minecraft wouldnt be what it is today without modding and once
    you have done everything you can in the game you can put a mod on that
    makes an entirely new world , changes the games mechanics , makes it a
    completly differnt game like adventure craft or yog box ect
    Also their are thousands of servers with plugins that create exilerating
    mini games like hunger games , the building game , spleef , mine z , and
    LOADS more that dont spring to mind with typing this ,
    The console versions are still very good but without the ability to mod or
    join servers they feel very dull
    And thats coming from someone who would much rarther play a game on console
    then pc … unless its minecraft

  11. Loving this game on all platform, creative and art people sure easy got in
    to it.. Shader with normal mapping is awesome on pc really wished they put
    them on ps4!

  12. I heard Minecraft is basically Legos for adults!

  13. I did buy this game, when they released the physical version for PS3.
    Even though I didn’t play Minecraft that much after the purchase, I have to
    say that this game was a interesting experience, that I’m happy to have in
    my collection.
    It’s one of those games, that I play during the calm Sunday, have some nice
    sweet drink next to me & relax.

  14. PC its the way to go

  15. I have the exact same thoughts 

  16. Thomas Stodghill

    I got this for my birthday. It’s a good version + the music was a nice

  17. I’m not truly sure which version is better, console or PC. They are both
    good for different reasons- Console makes it easier to play with friends
    and it’s more streamlined. PC is more advanced and better from a technical
    standpoint along with larger multiplayer options, including Minecraft
    Realms which allow your friends to play on your world without you and
    playing awesome user-created mini games like Missile Wars and adventure
    maps. Not even mentioning all of the user-created mod packs that change
    gameplay drastically. I’d say you play the console version, then afterwards
    its more daunting but satisfying and infinite-content-packed older brother.

  18. I don’t think i could play this on console, for the simple fact that
    without Feed the Beast it would feel too stripped down

  19. Sorry but the game loook soooooooooooo

    Boring I dnot see any fun in this mine…..thing!

  20. Hooray, TJ’s back. And yes, a giant Pharaoh Man would be cool.

  21. i might be the only one here that has never touch minecraft.

  22. This game sucks. just not for me.

  23. iLLarion StarodubOFF
  24. I still can’t believe this hasn’t been released on the Wii U. Now that
    Microdick is in charge, it probably never will. 

  25. its also for the xbox 360 and i love minecraft but not the p.e. version of

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