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Amazon Fire TV Review

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  1. Are the voice controls easy to use? I know a mostly blind lady losing her
    sight to ms and I’m wondering if the Amazon Fire w/ voice control remote
    would be easy to learn for an aging non-tech savvy woman? would you
    recommend something else?

  2. Got one for $69 today, so still a better deal than Roku. Fire TV has a few
    shortcomings that I hope will be fixed in updates soon. Still, it has more
    potential IMO as well as power. If only it had 32GB storage! What was
    Amazon thinking? There must be some idiots making decisions at Amazon. 

  3. Would I be able to connect this to my network and then browse through the
    files on my pc like the WDTV can do? 

  4. Does it have a downloadable web browser or file explorer to side load apps?

  5. That Asphalt game looks AMAZING on the HDTV! I want!

  6. Lisa, Great review. Can you use Bluetooth keyboard on the fire tv?

  7. +MobileTechReview does youtube come on it ?

  8. I just bought Chromecast last week, I’m loving it so far but, this does
    look legit! Might consider.

  9. where is the zattoo app? :-/

  10. SquirrelFromGradLife

    Can’t you hack that thing and throw a Cyanogenmod on there?

  11. Im impressed I have to say i almost clicked off this vid because she didn’t
    look like she would know what she was talking about but she really knew her
    stuff rattled off those specs like nothing she is very knowledgeable I can
    see that very nice vid thanks for all the very well done info

  12. Can u stream videos from ur android fone to the fire tv? Sorta like screen

  13. The first thing I love is the automatic configuration which sync’d to my Kindle (first version) so now I have all my favorite apps.

  14. Ferdinand Gernandt

    I’m living in South Africa. Would I be able to use the AMAZON FIRE TV to
    it’s fullest? Are there any limitations?

  15. One feature that no one has covered: Can I plug in a usb drive with movies
    and watch it on the TV like a Roku? 

  16. How’d you get the name of the product wrong in the intro to the video? You
    said Prime TV not Fire TV.

  17. I know you’re MOBILE Tech Review, but I’d love to see you branch out and
    review more products like these!

  18. Ahh Amazon. The only company MORE guilty of using Google’s Android to push
    their own crap than Samsung.

  19. Again, you did not say anything about getting local tv so that we can stay
    up with local news. We do not have cable tv and am thinking of dropping

  20. Thanks for the review! Are you a professional or more of a casual reviewer?
    If you are trying to make yourself professional please spend more time and
    please consider cleaning up the audio and not having a shaky camera. Also
    getting a products name wrong is a big no no and makes people feel like you
    did not do enough research. Thank you for the review though not trying to
    nitpick or anything :)

  21. Richard Lannister

    Mission Inn Possible 

  22. First

  23. Chandamae Rondina

    Shipping fast. Packaging excellent.Easy to install.After using it for a couple of weeks, we like it a lot. We were using Chrome Cast and that was terrible.Fire has more option, yet simple to use.

  24. n0nstandarddeviation

    Keep in mind, the YouTube ‘app’ is actually just a chromeless Webkit window
    opened to the YouTube TV site. A native app would probably look much
    better, but YT has been pretty stingy with those.

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