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Classic Game Room – PLAYSTATION 3 game console review PS3

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  1. こじ わたなべ

    Dude, you reviewed this 5 months ago…

  2. I’m thinkin about buying a ps3 cause the price has gone down. I’m a huge
    Nintendo fan but I’m not getting the wii u. 

  3. Patrick Crawford

    Sony did what the Xbox one did total domination.

  4. Nathaniel Levesque

    6:19 what’s that music in the background?

  5. I had to pause the video for a minute to laugh why he was dusting the
    PlayStation 3.

  6. Does PS3 need something like xbox live to play games online?

  7. downloadable movies are fine but i will never ever buy games digitally, if
    im gonna pay 60$ on a game i want to hold it in my hands and display it in
    my room. The day consoles go all digital is the day i quit gaming 

  8. I’m with you on Sony having high quality stuff.. but many moons after it’s
    purchase, my original 40gb PS3 has been struggling with the dreaded YLOD.
    Apparently, Sony used cheap solder to connect the chips to the board, which
    then becomes brittle after so much use.. causing breakages and system
    shutdowns. The temporary fix is taking the unit apart, putting on some no
    lead flux, and heat up the chips and the solder underneath with a heat
    gun.. reapplying thermal paste to the top of the chips, and you’re good to
    go… until it happens again, which can be anywhere from 1 week to 6
    months depending on use.

    This has been a pain for now almost 2 years, tho I should stop complaining
    and just buy a new one.

    The PS3 is AWESOME. Edges XBOX for obvious reasons (which were a lot more
    notable at it’s release)- BLU RAY PLAYER. Why buy a 360 AND a blu ray
    player when you can have a PS3 with a blu ray player built in!? The other
    edge is FREE ONLINE GAMING. Sure, Live is only $50 a year or whatever.
    Now how many years have you been paying that? I’ve saved $400 by having a
    PS3 over 360.. enough to purchase a PS4 and a game or 2.

    but for goodness sake.. they couldn’t use high quality solder??? 

  9. I can’t believe it’s been that long, I’ve practically grown up with the
    PS2, PSP, and PS3.

  10. FuckingNativeWomen

    Damn a game console review and a lesson in economics. Damn! :D

  11. TheDeadMan88799 DJP

    PS3 Is So Much Better

  12. Xbox sucks

  13. Sony should make a ps3 x-slim

  14. this is the exteremly crappy version. I have the newer slim, with the
    optical drive, not the top loading one.

  15. For me, PlayStation 3 console does play PS2 games (Only for 20GB and 60GB),
    the other PlayStation 3 Consoles doesn’t.

  16. MajesticBlueYoshi


  17. I think they’ve more than recovered with the PS4……

  18. the first ps3 was a piece of junk. GG that thing was huge.

  19. The Nuclear Gamers

    someone asks about the red faction series finally that game was amazing and
    still is

  20. It’s interesting to see the thoughts everyone had as the 7th generation
    started up. I mean, we can answer most the questions you pose in this video

  21. Like if your watching in 2014

  22. Don’t know why I unsubed

  23. I have a 360 but no ps3, I think the ps3 is probably better. I mean the 360
    wastes my money for speakers for the power button. lol

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