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Xbox One review | Engadget

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  1. Abdulrahman Hesham

    Microsoft still paying youtubers but I am glad that I get xbox one and ps4
    fans will replay for this comment.now they will say ps4 is better than xbox
    one.ps4 is better than xbox one. Ps4 is better than xbox one.i will get
    what I want.
    (The end)

  2. After 3 generations of playstation, i’ve bought a xbox one (white one) i
    just love how it looks even though it is not that sexy as a ps4. Its just
    there is something about the xbox one that i can’t i can take off my eyes
    from it.lol.

  3. Floatation Device

    Maybe it’s just me but I think the Xbox One has a nice appearance. 

  4. I haz both

  5. 3rd rock from the sun!!

  6. OK OK im finally upgrading, im a previous gen Xbox 360 fan. I love halo,
    it’s a great game, and im a little biased towards the one, but The Last of
    Us and Infamous just look so good (apparently uncharted is pretty good as
    well), and i love me some jap RPGs. Should I get a PS4 or ONE? (never owned
    a ps4)

  7. Am i the only one really liking the design of the xbox one?

  8. he is using a microsoft xbox one with a sony tv LOL

  9. Wow after watching ps4 AND xbox one reviews by the same people i am going
    to get the xbox one for sure!

  10. its funny how they are playing xbox on a sony tv

  11. An hour ago I want to best buy to try the xbox one triggers on forza 5
    it’s amazing

  12. in my opinion for right now the xbox one is better then ps4 and I do have

  13. Can’t help but notice that your xbox is on a sony tv

  14. This is by far the best review of the xbox one I’ve seen!! 

  15. Play station ad came before video 0____o

  16. Love your vid! Check out my gaming channel if you like too!

  17. Nive videos

  18. ps3 custum back ground why did they take it a way waaaaaaa even xobox dose
    not have customization waaaa

  19. Nope I do too! I’ve always been a huge playstation fan but I just love
    games in general. I have a ps4 and will get an Xbox one. I love the design
    of both the console and controller! Not sure what all the talk about it
    being ugly is about! In fact I like the way it looks better than the ps4!

  20. The ultimate hypocrisy!

  21. We’re all gamers. Let’s stop wasting time arguing about witch console is
    better and actually play games. Although I prefer the PlayStation 4 over
    Microsoft’s Xbox One, I don’t want it to fail. I want it to succeed even
    though Microsoft has made some poor decisions lately. If you can’t decide
    witch console to get, then get the console most of your friends are at.

  22. Best review ever!

  23. This is the thing , PS4 for games and Xbox one for multimedia but if Ps4
    gets DLNA and Media Playback before Xbox One it’ll be a better media player
    then Xbox One . 

  24. Noel Andres Estevez Vargas

    Xbox One review | Engadget

  25. Boring review and the new console as well. W-o-w. I just need my 360
    repaired to get back on gta online.

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