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New Xbox 360 Slim Review and Comparison

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  1. I have a ps3 slim, but I’m getting rid of that today and buying an Xbox 360
    slim because the online environment is so much better

  2. MrMarshmell0TheGamer

    i leave my elite on for days at a time and i never breaks a sweat

  3. I got to say, i am getting a xbox 360 “slim” this friday or thursday. This
    helped alot. Thank you

  4. lol i said thats what she said to

  5. Abhijay Sudharshan

    The Xbox 360 slim doesn’t get the red ring

  6. go with slim. if you get old xbox 360 then you might have the red ring of
    death, if you want a white one you get get a white slim, though remember
    not to move the console while there is a disc in it. 😀

  7. 5:15 5:21 – Ba Dumm Tjsss

  8. You didn’t mention the touch activated power and eject buttons. As apposed
    to actually clicking a button it’s touch sensor now.

  9. let me give you a tip get a xbox slim 4GB then buy a 250gb harddrive which
    will cost all together 270$ so youll save about 50$

  10. …. thats what she said lmfao

  11. the normal 360 heats up faster and has a big chance of geting th ered ring
    of death when that happens you can kiss goodbye to the xbox but the slim
    version doesnt do that

  12. I bought my Xbox 360 slim 1 and a half week ago and the only problem is the
    power brick. When i plug it into my tv it doesn’t show all the way.

  13. yeah my 250gb has the matte finish. not the glossy finish

  14. TaylorGang OverEverything

    Xbox 360 slim = the end of ps3

  15. Plan Your Escape

    get the slim. I say that because I’ve had 5. yes 5. of the older model. and
    they have all broken, I am currently trying to raise money for a slim.

  16. thats what she said 5:25 lol

  17. “That’s what she said” best part of the video 😀

  18. Christiaan van Straten

    Thats what she said! LOOL!!!

  19. Xbox 360…

  20. gta5master5504 gamer

    And it is awesome!

  21. I’m gonna get the slim cause my 2007 pro red ringed like 2 weeks ago I only
    need $80 to get the slim 🙂 I’ll probably be doing an unboxing so look for

  22. “This is the old power brick, it weighs about 80 pounds. ” lmao

  23. lol, thats what she said

  24. I have a slim but its no metal buttons

  25. get the slim

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