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Nintendo Wii Console Review

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  1. I don’t play wii for gimmicky family fun games. I play it mainly for
    platformers and epic nintendo adventures such as mario, Zelda, metroid,
    mini ninjas, drawn to life, rabbids, rayman, and a whole bunch of others.


  3. Bang Bang Shoot Em Up Stab Someone In The Throat kind of Consol.

  4. @hectorgo100 How am I a bitch? For simply having the opinion that the
    reviewer maybe missed some of what the best of what the console has to
    offer? Or did you not like the truth that shitty sub-HD resolutions that
    the Wii outputs will look awful on such a large screen? At least explain
    your retarded comments.

  5. Turnmyswaggonxxl

    You must really like the word REALLY REALLY FUN! LOL

  6. ur a fucken bitch

  7. Claudio Hernandez

    bad review

  8. is this yours?

  9. Turnmyswaggonxxl

    coolkazza888 thats only 2inches more so no one cares

  10. its too fainly orientated !

  11. big ass TV. that’s BAD ASS.


    2:31 welcome :3

  13. no its mine

  14. @KamManUtd probably a projector

  15. Probably GAY

  16. Austin Hulslander

    @WaLLhAcKeR909 better to be gay than a prejudiced jerk…… just saying

  17. Borin review and btw my tv is 63″

  18. I think the reviewer really throws away some of the potential that the Wii
    has by not giving it’s hardcore titles like Mario, Zelda and Metroid, Okami
    etc. a chance. Also, Guitar hero ‘revolutionising the gaming industry”?
    Hardly. The Wii also looks like dog-shit on a TV that big.

  19. o im gettin a xbox360 in a cuople days since the price dropped good vid

  20. meh dats nuthin lol mines 63 inch lol. nah im nt dat self centred lol it is
    a fukn huge tv. how bout how it compares 2 the wii!

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