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Nintendo Wii U Review | Worth Buying a Wii U in 2014? | Reasons to get a Wii U | 2DMinerProductions


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List Price: $ 14.79 Price: $ 22.59

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  1. 2DMinerProductions | Wii U Entertainment & MORE!!!

    Guy’s + This Post and Share it out <3 Appreciate the help and am willing to
    help back 😀
    Hopefully you all enjoy!

  2. Fuck me, how many times did you say GUYS in this review you stuttering
    Fuck? Also we wanted to see more of the games not just Mario Kart and a bit
    of Zelda, you are a useless reviewer.

  3. Wow you can’t talk to anyone, that’s disappointing even though half of the
    time people don’t use mics, it makes playing a game a lot easier. I just
    can’t imagine playing COD without a mic, it would get boring to me fast
    because talking to people can make the game more interesting.

  4. I just bought a Wii U on a whim. Will I regret it? Haven’t even opened it
    yet. What do you think?

  5. I love how people say the Wii u has a horrible game line up when imo it has
    a better one than the Xbox one and ps4. 😛

    Here’s the list of games that look really good to me: Sonic lost world. New
    super Mario bros u. New super Luigi u. Sonic boom. (EDIT: Not Sonic Boom,
    actually. Upon seeing some let’s plays… it looks pretty terrible. And
    that’s coming from a hardcore Sonic fan who liked Sonic ’06!) Hyrule

    Here are the absolute masterpieces: Super Mario 3D world. The legend of
    Zelda, wind waker hd. Donkey Kong country tropical freeze. Pikmin 3. Mario
    kart 8. Super smash bros 4.

    None of those sound fun yet? Seriously? Well, fine. You can also play
    virtual console games. And Wii games. Both at a much higher resolution than
    the Wii could handle.

    Still doesn’t sound fun? How about playing super smash bros 4 locally with
    8 PLAYERS ALL PLAYING AT THE SAME TIME!!! Plus GameCube controllers. And
    the game still runs at a native 1080p/60fps. No lag.

    Repeat. 8 players. All playing smash on the same console in native 1080p at
    60 fps without lag at the same time using 8 different GameCube controllers.
    Get my point yet?

    That’s not to mention the new smash’s online abilities, which due to the
    Wii u’s ability to play with others online without being a clustered mess
    like the Wii, won’t stink. It’ll be awesome. And Mario kart 8, which
    already has the same thing. With voice chat.

    It supports all those awesome games plus many, many more, so many different
    types of controllers you couldn’t possibly not find one that fits your
    style (Plus out of the box compatibility with wiimotes, meaning you won’t
    have to buy 4 new controllers. Heck, it’s the Wii u’s main control
    scheme!), online multiplayer integrated in a fashion similar to Xbox live
    or psn (Except completely free.), an HDMI cord out of the box (You won’t
    even have to pay for that.), An entire social network designed just for
    those with Wii u’s and 3DS’s, and the ability to play almost every single
    game on your own private little screen while someone else uses the tv for
    something else.

    Even after all this. People still say the Wii u is a bad console. Gosh!
    What does it take to impress people?!?

    Yeah, the xb1 and ps4 have better hardware. Much better hardware. But you
    think that automatically makes them superior? If I wanted better hardware,
    I’d play on my pc. Not a console. So why should hardware be the ultimate
    deciding factor on which console reigns supreme? If I’m even buying a
    console, I’m doing it for the games. And the Wii u has the best games line
    up imo. True, there aren’t very many 3rd party games. There aren’t very
    many bloody shooter games. But there are lots of quality games you can’t
    get on a pc. Hence a reason for buying a console despite it having inferior
    hardware. A reason I just can’t see on the Xbox one or ps4.

    Plus on those consoles you must buy all new controllers separately as
    they’re not compatible with 360 or PS3 controllers (Costing you around $150
    dollars considering you already have one controller.), You must pay to play
    online (Yes, even on ps4.), and while you get a handy share button to allow
    you to share gameplay and pictures (Admittedly pretty awesome.), you don’t
    get a special network devoted just to fellow players of the same game on
    the same console which you can access with a tap! Only Wii u and 3DS
    players get that!

    Plus on the Xbox one you get a huge power brick that’s even larger than the
    360 power brick by a small amount and a Kinect you’re forced to have which
    records both your voice and your body movements 24/7 so it can perform
    actions using that data. For example, you can say “Xbox, show my stuff”,
    and the console will detect which person said that and switch to their
    player account! Yes, it knows your voice enough to identify you by it.
    Cool, right? Is it a little creepy too? Yeah…

    The thing even listens to your voice when you turn it off! This way it can
    turn itself on if you say the words “Xbox on”. But don’t worry! The device
    is only listening for those words when off, according to Microsoft. Nothing
    else. But, wait. Doesn’t it have to record everything anyone says all the
    time, at least for a second, to be able to listen for those two words?
    Microsoft claims they aren’t spying on anyone and the new Kinect is as
    private as possible. But Microsoft can change this rule at any time they
    wish, even lie if they want to. Are you comfortable with that? Heck, it can
    even detect your heartbeat! No joke!

    Think about it. Microsoft could see what you look like, hear what you sound
    like, see the current status of your heartbeat, see everything you’ve
    bought, played, recorded, watched, etc. on the Xbox one, hear your
    conversations, and watch you and your household’s every movement. And share
    this data. All at any time. And you wouldn’t even know!

    Sure, they probably won’t do that. But they could! Google has been gladly
    sharing tons of info about users with the NSA for years! What’s stopping
    Microsoft? And even if they don’t, do you feel comfortable having what
    could be the most advanced spying machine ever in your house? It’s like
    having a giant bomb in your house. Yeah, it could go off at any second, but
    why would it do that?!?

    It may be super unlikely to go off, but are you willing to take that chance?

    Anyway, got side tracked a bit there, the point is there’s no atrociously
    large power brick on the Wii u! And no Kinect that could potentially spy on

    And the Wii u is the cheapest console. All the bundles as of now in America
    cost around 300 dollars. So it’s not like you’ll have to even choose
    between which bundle is the best deal! Almost all of them come with the
    exact same things, the only difference being which game comes with it. So
    just choose the one you like! No worrying about making stupid buying

    Sorry, but Nintendo has won my appreciation. Then again, they had me from
    the start. Although people ignore Nintendo and call them a kid’s company,
    they seem to care a lot more about their customers than anyone else! And
    that to me is more important than extra hardware power and tons of shooter
    games, both of which can be acquired on pc.

    Man that comment of mine is long…

  6. i love the wii U i grown up around nintendo consoles i have a nintendoDS
    and i Had That Since I was 3 same with my wii i like then both butt my DS
    is Bussed And I’m Might Get A Wii U For Christmas I Give The Wii U 10/10 It
    Is The Best I Seen And If You Look At The PS4 or Xbox One There Not
    Next-Gen The Wii U Is Because There Is Something New To Console’s And The
    First In The World That A Gamepad Is Liked With A Console So That’s Why I
    Give The Wii U 10/10 It’s Something New You Know Not Something Old So
    That’s Why The Xbox One And PS4 Is Not Next-Gen Get Me Now

    Hater’s Are Gonna Hate Not Saying Your A Hater Butt That Is Why The Wii U
    Is Next Gen

    Go Away Wii U hater’s 

  7. what would u rate it cause I don’t know if I should buy it

  8. I’m glad they don’t have chat on most games because people can be very
    vulgar over the chat. It gets kinda annoying when playing online. 

  9. hey man should i get a wii u? my birthday is in 3 days im deciding if i
    should get this or not.. will i get my moneys worth? what games should i
    get first on it? 

  10. I was already going to get one but was kinda worried about it, now I can
    get it without feeling uncomfortable at all!

  11. Bought a Wii U for black friday strictly on impulse.

    This helped me feel like I made a good decision.

  12. I FRIKIN love the wii u, can’t wait for hyrule warriors

  13. Wheres my cookie I subed

  14. Geeker Mrdrewluck

    Might get it for Christmas!! Found a great bundle deal with Wii U Deluxe
    and Mario kart 8!

  15. Thanks you this was really helpful

  16. Rolling the Stone

    Benjamin eldson I so agree with you and I grew up with a nintendo too.XD

  17. I wish Nintendo would make an update so you can turn off the GamePad’s
    screen to save battery. Or make a sleep mode like the GBA one.

  18. Hi, do you think this console is worth the price for a few games like Mario
    3D, Mario Kart, and Pikmin? I have a gaming PC for all my games but I can’t
    get my Mario fix without the Wii U.

  19. Just bought a mario kart 8 wiiU bundle! I also noticed that i never
    actually owned a sony or microsoft gaming system but anyway, all i need is
    nintendo ;)

  20. Hey also the online’s free everyone get it lol

  21. I just picked up a windwaker wiiu bundle 2 weeks ago and im loving it. Got
    mario cart, zombiu, super mario u and donkey kong with it. Then i went back
    and got some good wii games i missed out on like xenoblade chronicles,
    metroid trilogy, super mario galaxy 2, skyward sword, the last story, red
    steel 2 & boom blocks. Still about 5-10 more wii games i want but l always
    gave the wiiu hell on youtube and gaming sites, but i was wrong its
    something different and unique. I bought a ps4 and was gonna get a one but
    the one & ps4 are pretty similar and damn first party nintendo games are
    damn good. The wiiu makes a perfect companion console to a 360,ps3,ps4 or
    one. For awhile there wasn’t much on the wiiu but finally i think its worth
    getting plus the $50 price drop was nice. Most excited about the new
    xenoblade game and zeldau. 

  22. ThePedanticReviewer

    I remember hanging around in the store if CEX one time, and I saw this old
    lady come in with a bag with a Wii U inside. She was complaining about how
    her son thought it was like the og Wii etc. and the guy couldn’t calm her
    down. I helped a bit, and I was just thinking “give me that Wii U, you
    don’t appreciate the pure GENIUS”. Then she sold it for £90 and left. I got
    a look at it as they took it to be tested. 🙁
    Hopefully getting a Wii U for my birthday in 2 weeks. 

  23. Steady Animation

    These are the games I want on wii u: Mario kart 8, New super mario bros u,
    Super mario 3D world, Captain toad treasure hunter or whatever it is called
    and Nintendo land. Should I get a wii u, I already have an xbox one.

  24. There is chat stupid

  25. Just Evan!!! 16 Year's Old, And Never Going To Tell You Where I Live

    The Wii U isnt selling very good here in Holland…

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