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Nintendo 3DS Review – Does it suck?


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  1. I have a ps3 and ps4 but originally I was a nintendo fan when I was a kid.
    But latley I want to try nentindo again the last one I had was game cube.
    Can anyone tell me what is better the wii u or 3ds?

  2. Fast fowarding to May 2014, the 3DS has become a fantastic system that
    truly feels next gen because of its library of games. It’s library easily
    surpasses that of the DS, and rivals that of the GBA and N64 for pure
    quality gaming. The 3D effect isn’t as much of a selling point now, but
    it’s still really nifty.

    The 3DS’s library of games is 99% exclusive with must get games like Fire
    Emblem Awakening, Pokemon X/Y, Zelda A Link Between Worlds, Kid Icarus
    Uprising, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and many more.

  3. Used for 50$ at gamestop I would buy it if I had 50 bucks 

  4. and if the glare bothers you, THEN GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND MOVE OUT OF THE
    WAY. I’m dying XD

  5. 3ds is a boss console

  6. And backwards compatibility 

  7. I use my galaxy Note 3’s stylus instead of 3DS stylus

  8. Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Legend Zelda, Mario.
    Worth the money….

  9. like me

  10. The 3d doesn’t work for me sadly, legally blind in one eye :(

  11. I, on the other hand, love the stylus placement. I’m left handed, so the
    DSi stylus was a pain in the arse for me to grab. Now, it’s super easy! :)

  12. From my personal experience is a great handheld console.3D impresive
    grapics (on some games) and a enough “blocks”To install a number of games.
    Plus the,online service is FREE!

  13. Shaunn di baddest ting ah road star

    i hold the pen while i play

  14. I’m left handed, and I always hated pulling out the stylus from my dsi with
    my right hand and putting it in my left hand, it was always annoying. So
    the 3ds isn’t much different for me.

  15. I don’t know if i should buy 3ds or not
    plz help 

  16. I kinda felt forced into buying since the only thing thing I did was upload
    flipnotes and play almost every new pokemon game. but they were soon taken
    away by the new flipnote hatena and the canclation of ds games which I
    guess Nintendo has been planning. its like their forcing me to pull out my
    money and buy. but then again it was my choice to buy one

  17. I got an expanded battery from gamestop for right around $8, and if you
    dont mind the extra bulk I highly recommend it.

  18. the game is playing itself! O_O

  19. Jasonlayergame123

    Of course not

  20. Shawn Albright:Vlogger

    in my opinion when the system counts your steps for streetpass,i think when
    it counts your steps,i think its Unaccurate

  21. Best review on the net I’ve ever seen. I like it! Mr. Blunty you’ve got
    your self a new subscriber! :)

  22. Wenceslao Futanaki

    Great games on the console, i dunno about the 2 screens but the 3d and
    mario3dland/zelda A.L.B.W made me forgot about all my other consoles for a

  23. You know what, I just watched a few of your reviews and I have to say i
    really enjoyed them! Good job, keep up the good work! You gained yourself a
    new subscriber!

  24. can the in-game panel for stylus use be configured for lefties? :(

  25. I love the star home and select they click brilliantly for me

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