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Review: Sony PS Vita

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  1. Im watching this on my vita!

  2. Is it too late for me to get the PS Vita? Does anyone know is they are
    releasing a newer one soon? 

  3. The people who say there are no games for the PS Vita are the same kind of
    people who have closets full of clothes and say they have nothing to wear,
    or who will stand in a supermarket and claim they can find nothing to eat,
    or go to a bookstore and say they can find nothing to read. They are the
    cynical, unhappy people of society and their only outlet is to hide out on
    the internet and try to pass their negativity on to everyone else.
    These are the kind of people you can never make happy, so don’t waste
    effort trying to please them.

  4. I’ve been trolling Vita owners for years. But I finally decided to import a
    Lime Green 2000 from Japan to play Persona 4. Now I see why the Vita has
    such a following. This machine is as amazing as it is beautiful. Can’t
    believe I’ve missed out all this time. I still love my 3ds XL, but this may
    be the best handheld gaming system ever made. 

  5. is it wrong to buy a ps vita in 2014 let me know 

  6. Is This Better Or A Nintendo 3ds XL ? 

  7. oh god I finally ordered a Vita.

    … what have I done

  8. Patrick Cadden-Derrick

    Lol my Vita got stolen and tbh I didn’t even care

  9. Great review – just enough to convince me.

  10. Quang Anh Nguyen

    what game does he play in 1:33

  11. Can you transfer from any region PSP games Bought PSN online via PC to

  12. SecondSonOfPsychoSons

    Worth buying the ps vita???
    Dont tell me NO GAMES!
    IT has fm14 fifa 14 walking dead wolf among us and more more more!
    Who have it?
    And impressions!

  13. also Great for when you HAve to go to church by force and listen to
    preaching lol and when you are on the school bus overall portability!!

  14. Love this system! I don’t get y some say it has no games, it just doesn’t
    have the games they want, probably

  15. Can Somebody Help Me?! My Vita is Acting Up, The Controls Are Not Working
    On The Games, But On The Start Menu All Of Them Work… Please Help me,

  16. I have two questions.
    1. does the Vita have Netflix?
    2. does the Vita slim need separate memory cards or does it have built in

  17. my screen doesnt turn on but touch screen does does anybody know how much
    to get screen fixed

  18. ps vita is dead nintendo 3DS IS CRUSHING VITA ,why? because nintendo has
    pokemon ! jajaj

  19. Sony should make iphone 6 plus sized device that function as PS4 with 5.5
    inch display screen but without blu-ray (obviously) or control buttons,
    etc. and add cellphone functions.
    that can be attached to dual shock 4.

  20. I have the newer ps vita the charge is 6-8 hours which rocks and you guys
    could get the ps vita with a memory card 

  21. The RetroGam3r 137

    Minecraft has just recently came out for the Vita and its awesome. If you
    have a PS3 world save and you want that world on your Vita, you can copy
    that world over to your Vita and play that world. Defiantly worth it! :D

  22. can you play multiplayer with people who are playing on their ps3?

  23. I love my Vita

  24. Liked your review, but man, van’t you slow down a little and maybe breath.
    You made me almost hyperventilate and reach for a paper bag…..

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