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Sony PSP Go review

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  • Ikki Tousen: Xross Impact (Best Version) [Japan Import]
Ikki Tousen: Xross Impact (Best Version) Japanese Format (NTSC-J). Box,package,

Price: $ 26.57

Sony PSP Slim Skin Decal Sticker - U.S.A.

  • Highest Quality, Full Color, "Anti-Slip" Grip-Like Vinyl.
  • Will not Scratch, Fade (UV Resistant) or Peel.
  • Easy Install & Removal. Leaves Behind No Sticky Residue.
  • Fits Sony PSP Slim Game Console.
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Skins generally ship within 2 business days of payment. "Sony Corporation Of America, is not affiliated with, nor does it authorize or sponsor the products being sold by 247Skins." Listing is for the SKINS only. Listing it for Skins ONLY, PSP NOT included. Proudly made with pride with Recyclable materials in the USA!



  1. Hey man, I’m 11 and I always get comments like, Get off the internet, kid,
    but I got used to it for a while. I hate it too.

  2. lol Vadafone

  3. Are the games on it now super cheap?

  4. You idiot, they charge more for digital downloads because if you have one,
    it will never get scratched. So basically it lasts forever. Well how ever
    long you want it to last. . . 

  5. Wait…… it takes an hour to download 1 GB in America on B Internet
    And 7 Hours In Australia on 4G Internet?….. WHAAAAA?A??!?!??

  6. Just do us all a favor and delete this video. Who cares who sees my MAC
    address dude just stop people can hack you through that -_- Delete this

  7. the psp go is not that bad ok. you probably have bad internet so that why
    you are complaining.i agree with the batery life

  8. Elliot Huckabone

    7:50 I Lost My Daxter UMD Copy

  9. Nod if you have good internet like really fast it’s take 5 MINUTES. For
    some of us it’s faster don’t tell us your problems

  10. wow complaining about it taking 10 minutes to download a game.If you can’t
    wait 10 minutes to download a game the something is seriously wrong with

  11. why does he say he is 20…..with no facial hair….

  12. knuckle draggers

    they should of went for this design for the psvita. the psvita was so hard
    to put in your pocket and those joystick that stick out are annoying and
    will soon get damaged due to it sticking out, psvita should concentrate on
    making those joystick like that of a 3ds or psp. not their new psvita 2000
    which the only difference is a downgraded screen???? with a few more
    minutes battery time???(portable battery charger anyone). i mean what were
    they thinking…p.s was a ps vita owner when it came out for a good two
    years till i sold it for a 3ds and games best decision ever

  13. Yi love daxter I would die to play that game

  14. Tweeter man I’m sorry but YOUR

  15. TheOfficialALLin

    Dats not true!!!! :@ My downloads is 5min max U have very slow internet

  16. Aqua The hedgehog

    1:40 i adapted to my screen quickly.

  17. I love the psp go

  18. However if you want a hacked PSP,the PSPGo is the best option.16GB of
    memory,M2 cards which are not as expensive as the ProDuo and the overall

  19. How did you make that intro?

  20. 10 mins to download a game is not a big deal at all.

  21. You suck bitch

  22. NoobyGFX | ᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰ

    Your name is Daniel too?

  23. So did you keep it in the end? Or did you trade it in and keep your 2000?

  24. Elliot Huckabone

    i have locoroco 2 on my PSP

  25. Just saying the m2 card is easier for soft wear updates and you can still
    “hack” the go it just is tricky

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