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PlayStation 4 review April update

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  1. Is this a review on the ps4 update or a comparison with the xbox one? 

  2. Is that feature that allows friends to control your game out yet?

  3. Stephen Pelletier

    I noticed the WWE app, do you like WWE?

  4. FernandoTheRandomGuy

    Ugh. I hate that last of us is getting a re release. I also hate that gta
    might get a re release. Games shouldn’t be re released right away. They
    should wait 6-10 years to do so. No double dipping please. 

  5. I own a ps4 and a Xbox one. Both have their faults and praises, but the ps4
    at the moment isn’t that much better than the Xbox. Sure, ps4 title looks
    more crisp and smooth, but not by much. I wouldn’t recommend either until
    August and September. The ps4 ui to me feels like it is missing something. 

  6. Sony should just get out of the gaming business! They currently have barley
    any exclusive. 95% of the games they claim exclusive are shitty download
    only games that you can play with a steam account, an Ouya and free at
    Newgrounds! Kaz Hirai go shoot yourself!

  7. Claudius Boasman

    game installs on xbox one will go a lot faster if you unplug your ethernet
    cable or disable your wifi. I do believe when you’re installing the game
    off of a disc and your’re connected to the internet, it downloads the game
    from microsoft’s servers. which is bs. 

  8. Some one get me some water cause I’m dying of first

  9. I feel like these re releases are a waste. Focus on truly new content. Give
    me something like fallout 4. I’m not saying that GTA V and the last of us
    weren’t good games but now we have entirely new consoles that deserve fresh

  10. 1st! With this i want to say PlayStation simply far more better than
    gaybox, I mean Xbox

  11. I honestly think this title is misleading as people are waiting to hear
    about the PS4 update and this is just a way to get views. Has nothing to do
    with the PlayStation “update”. Just my opinion but that’s how i ended up

  12. This is not a review its a comparison, you should change the title of the

  13. Herve 00110001 00111001 Shango00111001 00110100

    Ps4 is great but nothing beats pc, anyway i own both pc and ps4 so best of
    both worlds 

  14. Abdullah the gamer

    Xbox one is better so shop the fuck up

  15. Another great video

  16. The PS4 is improving vastly and its getting better by day. There you go all
    of Aprils summary update in one sentence.

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