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CGR Undertow – KILLER IS DEAD review for PlayStation 3

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  1. The people that complain about this game being sexist are the people who
    don’t realize that those aspects are satire of the media’s portrayal of
    women, as well as James Bond-style womanizing. Complaining about it is
    redundant, and those that do should realize that this game is poking fun at
    them. Thanks for the laughs, Suda.

  2. Just picked up a sealed collectors edition for 15.00. That’s the kinda
    prices I like.

  3. The only real problem I had with this game was that there was constant
    screen tearing and the gigolo mode just felt clunky and almost pointless.
    Aside from that, it was a crap load of fun!

  4. looking at females “parts” “teeeheee” i dont think this lil kid is old
    enough to even play this game. Yet even see lady “parts” in life

  5. this game looks great

  6. Just beat this game, I loved it. Some parts creeped me the fuck out too. So
    fun, smooth ass combat. 

  7. Perverted? Yeah. Exploitative? Sure! Misogynistic? No. If you want
    “misogyny” play Rapelay or make a new game about a serial killer/rapist who
    had an abusive mother.

    Other than that,good review,bro!

  8. cool artstyle but am i the only one who felt dumbed down playing this
    nonsensicle retarded story sorry killer is dead devil may cry u are not
    even the reboot of dmc makes this game looks like a piece of turd at least
    i was able to finish dmc the game was so utterly stupid i gave up at the
    6th chapter i heard theres only 13 but i couldnt bare going through the
    whole game so i returned it i was able to finish lollypop chainsaw n not
    this sad lol and they both sucked but lollypop chainsaw story and zombie
    fighting had me more interested

  9. Battlefield 1942 Argentina

    “Sexist” in this coward/feminist society, that shit can mean anything
    So i dont give a shit anytime they use that word to describe something

  10. This game is extremely fun to play. Give it a try!

  11. Only legit review I’ve seen so far for this game.


  12. PC Version announced!!!!!!! :DDDDDDD

  13. BrandonHasNO!Game Official Channel

    Isn’t the Main Characters Voice actor for this game the voice actor for
    Space Dandy? lol correct me if i am wrong? :3

  14. Amazing game,thanks suda 51!!! 9/10

  15. Fart

  16. end of vid suda goes like “4th wall lol whats that…then again it was like
    thet for no more heroes 1 and 2

  17. Thanks for the honest review, everything else I’ve seen is people bashing
    on it because they aren’t sure what it is. Sure there’s sexism and other,
    weirder shit, but that doesn’t make it automatic shit.

  18. Wow, that was one seriously well put together review.

  19. Kabegami The Great

    Can somebody tell me what the spoils are for?

  20. This review made me question if i really should pick the game. I hated no
    more heroes, not because of the style or the tone but because the gameplay.
    NMH controls were awful.

  21. Sucky game that is a rip off of No more heroes. Glad i didn’t buy this

  22. Mitchel Danielson

    Does this game have an open sandbox hub world like no more heroes does?
    Please answer

  23. Ive never played this or any orther suda game so im excited to see its only
    20 bucks on Amazon right now!

  24. When I stumbled upon this game, I was absolutely fascinated by the art and
    fast paced anime combat style. And after playing it for while, I can see
    why some American or western people dislike this game for the wrong
    reasons. My suggestion is to first play this game with Japanese voices and
    English subtitles because the English voice overs make the game feel odd
    and THIS game is a very typical mature modern action bizarre monster slayer
    Japanese anime. In order to appreciate this game, you have to like or watch
    animes. Watch Afro Samurai, DMC, etc.

  25. So glad there’s at least one good review. :)

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