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Gaming on the Amazon FireTV Hands on Review

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  1. Eli the Computer Guy

    ▶ Gaming on the Amazon FireTV Hands on Review – YouTube

    Starts at 3pm EST!!!

  2. I have been very happy using it for Amazon Prime streaming. It is very fast and the video quality is very good. I like being able to use the closed caption option, which was not available on my older Sony SNP-100 box.

  3. My Western Digital MyBook has stopped appearing on my Apple Desktop. So I
    can’t click on anything to research the properties. The WD is still
    flashing like it’s functioning. It would be cool if there were a video
    showing people how to locate external hard drives that no longer show up
    when plugged in. Working perfect for a couple of years then today.. woosh,
    it’s just gone.

  4. its a ps3 with weak ass oyua games …..not even steamlol

  5. Robert Santellan

    If you think Sonic CD looks poor on the Amazon Fire TV, maybe you should
    play the original Sega CD version. The Fire TV Version would actually
    updated and improved for modern platforms. Huge difference in quality from
    the original.

  6. It sucks I have satellite or I would get this.

  7. I mean its stopped

  8. Christopher K. Mckinstry

    QUESTION: I am 16 years of age and have been doing web development
    programing and server administration what certifications can I get

  9. I don’t kinda like all those questions about how make youtube video, I
    would better like hearing about IT & business

  10. Can you have external HDD storage and playback? Will this work in

  11. Studying before my A+ cert…thank you for TotalSem! I really enjoy your
    video blogs. : )

  12. Carlos San Martin

    can you tell me which program you use to record your videos?

  13. I really like my fire TV and cannot wait for better features to come. I do
    think the controller could use some more work. I think it feels a little
    cheap. The remote for it is by far the best I have used.

  14. U rock bro I am going to get my first tv and getting that amazon fire tv
    because you like it and recmanded

  15. Its stoped

  16. I like the set up, it’s fast and works well with my less than optimal internet setup. The voice command option is fantastic.

  17. DaArtfulVlogger .

    Awesome video. You should do more after being awake for two days. =P

  18. @Georgebick, it depends on who your worried about, hackers yes it helps,
    NSA NO, I am doubtful they are willing to go to jail before giving up your
    logs. my 2 cents

  19. It’s better to calculate the MPG as GALLONS per mile. 🙂

  20. MacBook Pro retinas are awesome

  21. Eli you are talking and looking like Walter White from Breaking bad.

  22. QUESTION : What hap

  23. Bryce, do you live in Silicon Valley, and do you watch Silicon Valley?

  24. Ugh mark is back

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