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Ghostbusters Xbox 360 Review – Cinemassacre.com

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  1. Hey, if anyone would like to co-op on XBOX 360, please send me a friend
    request. My gamertag is: Earl Mc2k 713
    I really want to beat this game.

  2. Please god let this get remastered for current gen consoles, would be

  3. And it’s only 3€!

  4. I remember playing this back when my Xbox 360 was modded. A lot of fun, and
    pretty great that the actors were a part of it.

  5. first timed i played was on x-box 360,i loved the game ever since.i used to
    have the ds one but i returned it this year becaused it sucked.i havent
    played the wii game,it seems not that great,but i find it ok.i now have the
    game on my pc,its still a awsome fun game to play.

  6. So happy this was released FAR before Harold Ramis’ death, so we could
    enjoy this masterpiece

  7. I remember buying that game for my 360 back in May! and I enjoyed playing
    it very much :)

  8. To anyone who likes Ghostbusters and still haven’t played this game yet,
    you are missing out on a fine example of a great licensed game (a rarity in
    video games). I loved it!

  9. I played it on wii but I still like it

  10. This game kicks ass. i got it for £6.99 from Steam. What a bargain. 

  11. why was a.v.g.n ther 

  12. y can drive the ecto 1 on the ds

  13. Wait , do you have a twin? 

  14. It’s on sale for $3 on Steam until Nov 3rd 2014. O.o $10 regular price.

  15. So… James and ‘The Angry Video Game Nerd’ are now like two seperate
    persons, now that’s awesome, Good, Bad i’m the nerd with the gun! XD

  16. The wii version is fucking awful.

  17. there is another good ghost busters game on the commodore64

  18. Anyone think they patched the cutscene glitch

  19. wait-why are there TWO of him?!? WTF IS GOING ON HERE?!?

  20. AVGN sitting next to James, the guy who IS the avgn. Cool video editing,
    how is that even possible?

  21. luke hoss

  22. Catherine Diesta

    thats the nes end sreen

  23. Wait, a GOOD Ghostbusters game?!

  24. Charles Matteson

    do more xbox360 games

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