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SONY Playstation 4 all around review – Real User Experience – PS4 App + Voice Controls

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  1. Playstation 4 all around review – Real User Experience – PS4 App + Voice

  2. My favorite feature of the system is the headphone option. First time I
    have been able to use headphones with a game console thanks to the
    dualshock 4. Haven’t bought a gaming headset and now I don’t have to :)

  3. Hello everyone I am debating on whether I should get the ps4 or xbox one in
    a couple months or maybe christmas now I am set on the ps4 and he is set on
    the xbox one now first I will tell you why I want the ps4 then why he wants
    xbox one ok so I want the ps4 because:Infamous,DC Universe,Killzone,Crash
    Bandicoot,the controller,ps move,the playroom,cheaper,online is cheaper,and
    many more things
    why he wants xbox one:The dashboard, THE MAIN REASON IS TITANFALL,he wants
    to have a avatar, and i dont know why else he would want it.
    but also i originally had a ps3 but then my friend got a xbox 360 so i got
    one and its been years now and i have made so many friends on xbox live idk
    what to do pls help!!!!!!!

  4. Randy Washington

    The ps4 app isn’t picking up my console, what’s the problem?

  5. That was some quality editing

  6. Stefan Sierraoneoneseven

    i honestly don’t like the user Interface 🙁

    kinda liked the ps3 one better. and the xbox Interface is way better

  7. “Don’t get scared” hahaha! 

  8. marquan williams

    Welp i like my ps4, i wish they make another twisted metal video game !!
    Dat shit was legit on ps1-ps2

  9. antreas toumazou

    I have got a problem my psn acc say that I have put the whrong password

  10. Marc sainthilaire

    LOL.that is true the ps4 does look like an eraser.i don’t like the headset
    it bothers me

  11. i will buy the ps4 if only the ps games were better or they got the same
    titles than xbox

  12. TTG truly gifted

    Nice video dude.that sneeze made me laugh so hard.but thanks bro

  13. 5:13 What a commercialized room 🙂 

  14. Sure am glad I bought both. So I can’t complain. 

  15. Very chaotic review.
    “You’ve got a light here and there, the controller has a touch pad, I don’t
    like the headset but the system’s UI is nice and simple”

  16. how long can you recorder a gameplay on playstation4?

  17. +CoolLoserTech Your a xbox fan boy arnt ya?

  18. L2 + square to delete all 

  19. Great Review Dude you covered a lot of things that others did not like
    actual size and the ability to stand it up without a stand….Going to buy
    mine on july 4th weekend….Can’t wait…

  20. Can you start your ps4 via the app?

  21. Man Sony are AWESOME! And their PlayStation is fantastic!!

  22. Can you change the color? Like the blue screen thing???

  23. The PS4 and the Xbox one are great systems but the ps4 just looks boring
    compare to the Xbox one. If you don’t have anything to play on the ps4 than
    that makes your system useless, the Xbox one does much more than just
    games, this is why I think the Xbox one will be more successful than the
    ps4 in the long run. Just my 2 cents.

  24. Sony’s focus of being a consumer hardware company and Microsoft being a
    primarily software company really shows between the systems this
    generation. The PS4 is an elegant consumer design whereas the X1 is all
    business and not very slick in any way. However, the X1 has an excellent UI
    experience that is executed way better than on the PS4. I care more about
    interface, so I’ll be going the X1 route. 

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