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Classic Game Room – PSP GO console review

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  1. At the time it was called the PSP GO-ing away to make room for the PS Vita

  2. Isn’t this as hackable as the regular PSPs?

  3. The Sony Trousersnake, because it’s pocket sized.


    “16 gigs of… memory”

    *Face Palm* 

  5. id buy this with a huge memory card and jailbreak to play PSP roms

  6. I actually almost miss this thing…

  7. PSP GO? Where is it going? Lol!

  8. I think the UMDs were clever they are cheap to produce they can store a’lot
    of data and they don’t stop working with causal movement.

  9. quit playing with your bieber


    Remember when he was talking good about this in his original PSP review? 

  11. mark your amazing sarcasmburn on the go’s compatibility is legend.

  12. It’s depressing to think of how many kids received this and some UMD games
    for Christmas. 

  13. cant wait to buy mine

  14. U pissed me off with this video. In your PSP 3001 review, you stated they
    should’ve had download only since the first PSP. Now you bash download only

  15. I have a psp go but i accedentally broke it so sad cannot be fix =(

  16. Lol got this when it came out I was like 11. Now I use it to emulate gba
    games. If works well.


  18. Really love my vita still have nostalgia for the psp

  19. In your psp review you told them to ditch the umd and when they did you
    spend the whole review dissing it

  20. PSP GO means PSP GO away

  21. This is the best example of why going all digital sucks. All of those games
    that you’ve bought over the years wont be playable on an all digital system
    and some of those games were never available digital to start with.

  22. If you’re looking for a great PSP experience, then the GO might not be the
    best thing for you, but if u want something cheap, portable with internal
    storage and a great emulator, then the GO is the way to… not gonna say it

  23. i miss the psp series, i wish mine still works :-(

  24. I miss my PSP 3001

  25. PSP Go kinda sux!!!!! 

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