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Classic Game Room – POKEMON BLACK for Nintendo DS review

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  1. In my point of view, black was a really disappointing game. The map is
    lazy, the names are lazy like cottonee? Just add two es at the end of

  2. My favorite still remains Gen II, Pokemon Crystal.
    I’ve heard Platinum was pretty good though, might check that out

  3. i havent played since emerald… how far out of the pokeloop am i?

  4. Most powerful Pokemon? Magikarp would like a word with you.

  5. I like the game play of Pokemon Black and White, but dear god the storyline
    is horrible. I mean it was heading in an interesting direction, theeeen it
    lost me. I HATED chasing Team Plasma in EVERY TOWN, dear GOD, and they gave
    horrible amounts of dialog for characters I really have no vested interest
    in (I don’t need to know Bianca’s dad didn’t want her playing with Pokemon)
    I mean dear GOD that was so annoying. And Professor Juniper is just as bad.
    I mean honestly, as far as the storyline elements go, I have to say this is
    the WORST Pokemon game in the series. The ONLY redeeming feature was the
    actual game play mechanics itself (and honestly those were just a copy and
    paste of the original mechanics).

  6. Team Plasma is modeled after PETA.

  7. Vectrek is not a pokemon

  8. I have black but its not as good as leaf green and fire red

  9. Oshawott

  10. this is my chance for a top comment

  11. i never said the game was bad, did i say “its a bad game”? i said the
    graphics were a bit off compared to gen 3 and 4 games.

  12. ironically peta are psychopaths with alternate agenda too

  13. OverlordViciousKiwi

    Hmm.. I might do a let’s play of this now xD

  14. TheAwesomeDarkNinja

    Oh good XD I’m more of mainstream I guess. My favorites are Hellsing and
    Darker Than Black.

  15. cool.im really thinking of buying it.im just a bit cautious about the
    variety of the new pokemon.it might be a bit too overwhelming

  16. whats the song that plays at 0:02 the jass

  17. Am i the only one who thinks people nintendo ds’s, mostly for pokemon
    games, pokemon pearl is my fav though

  18. psychicpenguin25

    It’s really good, you should buy it. The graphics have been improved,some
    of the new pokemon are really good(volcarona,krookodile) and a bunch of
    other improvements and changes.

  19. I’m new to pokemon, is Black just as good as the other DS made ones or is
    there a better one for that hand held?

  20. XxTrentEchidnaxX

    This guy sounds like Audioboo Duke.

  21. naming your Pokémon with ALL CAPS is so gen 1-4.

  22. I have to agree with NotoriousPlayer1 here. Even for Pokémon DS games,
    Black/White was rather pixellated due to the zooming in mechanic in
    battles. That said, I play these games for the gameplay, and not how
    lack-of-HD-ish they come across as. 🙂

  23. the anime sucks because it’s always a cliche, but the games are nice =D

  24. i know right?

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