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Extreme Gaming PC |How to build| Part 1 Components (ASUS)

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  1. “Roughly $3500” click

  2. Right as you said the price of everything together I said out loud:
    “Goodbye :)”

  3. can i have the graphics card plz…….. lolz never going to happen

  4. LOL extreme my ass

  5. Oliver F. Rupert

    Any tips for a Mother board and CPUs combos?

  6. pablo berrocales

    the computer that u already made the i7 computer what is the components to
    make it 

  7. Take too fucking long to start building, get to the point. Wanted a quick
    vid on assembling walkthrough, not your life story. Douche 

  8. If you want to know the video starts at about 9:09

  9. i have asus!

  10. I thought Asus was pronounced (aye – s- us)

  11. minecraftsurviveable


  12. he over reacts a bit

  13. Meaty. Could you do a gaming pc build now (***2013/2014*** edition)

  14. prob meant 900 mb…

  15. new to the hobby , do you by any chance, in the mood to donate parts that
    your not using ? . im starting from scratch and im looking around

  16. Real men build cars; posthumans build computers.

  17. i think they are thermal take tt series

  18. Great video!

  19. ???????

  20. I think hes talking about his Hard drive… silly Bambi :p

  21. Sonuds like you had termaltake and it burned up….

  22. SugarRushNetwork

    That can’t even run Minesweeper dummy.

  23. i bought a 129 dollar mouse

  24. Indogyearsimdead

    It’s not as much about “grounding” as it is about minimizing “difference of
    potential” between things. Touching the case will bring the case to your
    “potential” if it isn’t grounded and it still carries the risk of part
    damage due to ESD. You should ground the case and yourself to bring
    everything as close to “ground” as possible and to minimize the risk to
    damage or cause the part to fail prematurely. But hey it’s your money so
    it’s your call…

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