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Xbox One Vs Playstation 4: An Update

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This article examines Sony’s latest gaming system, the PlayStation 4. It has generated a lot of buzz, but should you buy it? Weigh the pros and cons so you can make an informed purchasing decision. [Article: 1,033 words]



  1. “yet another inconclusive review”
    Nope. My conclusion is there is no wrong decision both are awesome.
    “Middle of the road AGAIN. have an OPINION.”
    I do and that opinion is: I like both consoles for different reasons.
    both are good. Consider the reasons.
    “Pick one or the other”
    Lol why? why would I possibly do that? But ok, if you’re forcing my hand
    I will pick 1 gaming platform above them all. PC. Its also my

  2. Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ

    Microsoft should literally just stop production this second and design an
    stupid name. They took the console away from the 12-20 year old gamers and
    are now trying to sell the console TO THEIR PARENTS!

    Don’t get me wrong! I have an Original Xbox and an Xbox 360 (Halo 4
    edition). I’m a DYEHARD fan of Xbox… But I’ve decided to grab the PS4.

    I’ve heard that Microsoft fixed a few things on the Xbox One. Is there any
    reason I should change my mind?


  3. I bought the Xbox one for the games,the kinect (crucifie me) and The not
    having to change inputs to watch tv, and streaming day one. I have also a
    ps4 and a wii u now and the main reason people get the ps4 is for the
    graphics and size it has no games and no long lasting mp games besides KZ
    which isn’t even good just a tech showcase but… I’m not an Xbox fanboy I
    grew up on ps2 and late ps1 and 360 … I guess I just don’t see what
    people see in the ps4 besides not a big difference in tech…

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  5. Jowell809Channel

    I have both consoles. Had the PS4 first but didn’t like it as much and
    especially since I’m more use to the Xbox already from the 360 days so I
    bought the Xbox One after and now I’m very pleased and comfortable sticking
    with Microsoft. As for the PS4, it’s just collecting dust until my friend
    pays me to take it off my hands, no need for me to have both honestly, I’m
    a gamer but I’m not crazy about exclusives. I can do without having both,
    too much money to keep both to build libraries for anyway.

  6. I need help i am a pc gamer but want a console for me and my girl. I used
    to play xbox 360 and liked that more then the ps3 but now it seems the
    other way around. I now heard the PS4 is better. What should I get PS4 or
    Xbox one?

  7. Boogie, thanks for the great review and I completely agree with everything
    in this video.

    I own at least one of every company’s main systems, although they’re all
    previous gen, I’m happy with them.

  8. A PC is the most economical solution? Maybe ten years ago… Today you are
    better off with a console for gaming and an inexpensive notebook for
    internet and office applications.

  9. If you are a REAL gamer… YOU BUY BOTH!

  10. I bought the PS4 because I don’t like getting spoon fed something for $100

  11. i have an xbox one, and I gotta say microsoft REALLY fucked up launching
    this system. With all its limitations before, people went nuts in order for
    them to change it up. Also, games with gold?? SUCKS BALLS.

  12. One thing every YouTube FAILS to mention on an Xbox one and ps4 review is
    how amazing Xbox live is. Xbox live currently has 300,000 servers
    supporting it which as stated in the E3 press conference is equivalent to
    the entire world’s computing power in 1999. That’s impressive. Plus Xbox
    live has been taking in money for it’s services since day one where as PSN
    has not. Therefore naturally Xbox has better security and networking
    features. For example, PSN never had party chat until PS4. Xbox has always
    had that for the most part.

  13. I’m looking to buy one of the two consoles, and I’ve done a ton of
    research, but almost everyday i read something or watch something that
    changes my opinion again and I’m at a loss. Can anyone who’s unbiased and
    owns one or both help me out? I like certain exclusives on both, and I play
    games often (online and offline), but my family will also probably use the
    console to double as an entertainment system. Thanks in advance

  14. its really Ironic back then when current gen is still the next gen, xbox
    fans always bring up their fact about Ps3’s graphics being inferior to
    xbox, and now that its superior to Xbox, suddenly nobody on xbox side cares
    about the graphics? well never mind that Playstation’s coming VR headset
    will finish the battle anyway.

  15. Having a PC is like having a kid you have to constantly feed, change, and
    maintain. I bought an Xbox One and I’m glad I’m back to what I love to do,
    play games. I don’t want to constantly tweak and worry about requirements,
    so Console for me is the way to go. 

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  17. Ok let me state my opinion. There are games on console that wont be
    released for PC, and there are games at are released for PC that wont be on
    consoles. And yes a PC is cheaper than a PS4 and 360. Let me explain why.
    Since Consoles are barely upgradable rather than a PC manufactures really
    love to push their design to max out te graphics as much as they can. And
    usually lets just say in the PS2 and xbox era. There were already video
    cards out there that were more powerful and would save you buying another
    console when the next gen came out. So you are future proofing yourself for
    the next big bang per-say. The performance and mods you can get for it are
    alot better. But before you go hating let e finish. I would prefer to
    purchase a console along side it as well due to the fact that some of the
    game exclusives are simply brilliant. But if you take it from a computer
    repair technicians point of view you will see why we go with PC.

  18. Which is more reliable? Can’t decide… No overheating!

  19. I bought both systems at launch day. At first I was into the PS4 more than
    the Xbox One. As the months flew by, I started to change my mind. Now I use
    my Xbox One more because I fell in love with the concept of “Xbox One”
    Meaning, I love the fact that I can do multiple things with that system,
    such as Xbox on, xbox this and xbox that, and that’s awesome to me. I like
    both consoles but my personal favorite system is the xbox one. 

  20. Really helpful in understanding the nuances of each device. Thank you!
    Extremely helpful to me!

  21. I just don’t know it is like 50/50

  22. What good exclusives does the PS4 have besides The Last of Us? Please don’t
    say Kill Zone Shadow Fall I played it at a friends house and I hated it.

  23. Shamelesscritique1

    I bought a ps4 even though I was major xbox 360 player…microsoft just
    pissed me off, I guess I’m just petty and hold a grudge…for a really long
    time, they lost my trust but I was never into brand loyalty but more
    importantly I’m not interested in what they’re selling.
    At the moment neither really has any games or worthwhile exclusives that
    make me want to play them, tried battlefield, watchdogs etc for about a
    month and now it’s just sat there collecting dust waiting for the end of
    the year releases…
    Don’t buy either yet would be my suggestion.

  24. 😛 glad to hear that also I won’t get any of the consoles but it’s fun to
    hear people are enjoying them 🙂 

  25. For those who is looking to purchase a next gen system but can’t decide.
    Purchase the system that your friends are on.
    As an Xbox 360 gamer, I’ve played both PS4 and Xbox One and I personally
    like the PS4.
    But I am purchasing the Xbox One because that’s where my friends are gaming

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