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MotorStorm PlayStation 3 Review – Gears and Blood, Dust

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  1. it’s a fun racing game. nothing profound but quite fun. keep in mind that
    there’s no offline multiplayer and the online multiplayer is no longer in
    service. so all there is is the standard racing single-player mode against
    the AI right now.

  2. Stephen Morrison

    7 years later & these graphics are still unreal!! 

  3. got this game used cheap. reminds me of the good old days when ps3 had an
    unpopular launch before it made a big comeback.

  4. this game is fucking awesome, and is so underrated

  5. One of the most underrated games in my opinion 

  6. dayonefingerboards

    Got this game at GameStop for 0.96 96 CENTS amazing!

  7. This was the first ps3 game I played!!

  8. I got the best game of all time for $2 at GameStop!

  9. jetfoxproductions

    the loading times in this game are the worst i’ve seen in videos games
    period. got it and turned it in a few months later. it even takes a damn
    decade to change your vehicle, or the paint job. this game was a waste of
    my time, and to bad i could get back every cent on gamestop trade in.

  10. Posting a review made in 2007 in 2011…..what the fuck?

  11. Got this for $2 at gamestop other day its still awsome

  12. The Roper report!

  13. jetfoxproductions

    *couldn’t [typo]

  14. Remember how amazing it was back in 06 though haha

  15. i wish i cloud go back to the 90’s

  16. Motorstorm will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first
    demo I ever downloaded back in 06/07… Played the shit out of it. It was
    truly the best looking game I had ever seen. I showed it off to all the
    “xbox kids” back then. haha.

  17. well arctic edge is the worst motorstorm so this one should be awesome!

  18. i got this game for $3 and i do not regret it. this game freakin rocks

  19. why is this now being reviewed in 2011!!!

  20. Arctic Edge was my first Motorstorm, i will like this one?

  21. It’s still awesome haha

  22. Do the online servers still work in this game?

  23. Who wishes they could go back to 2007?

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