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Top 10 Wii Virtual Console Games

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  1. Paper mario shoulda made the list! And pokemon snap. But besides that, nice

  2. Majora’s Mask is boss

  3. AWESOME LIST…(^0^)/

  4. thewizardmathdude


  5. Any love for Sin & Punishment?

  6. mario RPG

  7. Alright! They’re both really great games so I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.
    Majora’s Mask does have a kind of time limit if you want to call it that.
    You can reverse the time though so it doesn’t really limit the game as much
    as it might sound like it does.

  8. thewizardmathdude

    i like pi

  9. majoras mask!!

  10. You’ve just convinced me to get Mario 64 on wii. Never played Majora’s
    Mask, is this the one with a time limit? Also thinking of getting this.

  11. Sword of Mana has been pretty fun, I need to play Majora’s mask more to get
    what you’re saying.

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