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Classic Game Room – GOD OF WAR LEGACY BUNDLE RED PLAYSTATION 3 console review

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New, never opened. Cover, Corners and pages in excellent condition. I will ship using USPS TRACKING System, in a covered, protective package within one day.



  1. Hank Hill - Assistant Manager of Strickland Propane

    Sony needs to make an ultimate game console that can use PS1 – PS3
    controllers and accessories and play PS1 – PS3 games. Although it’s a bit
    late for that it seems. 

  2. RagingGumballMachine

    when you Mention “Crimson Guard”, Jak II came to my mind.

  3. OH MY!!! It’s $500 bucks on amazon!!!

  4. Eddie Def The Last KREEP

    did it tell you it was backwards compatible or you busted that out ?

  5. I just picked this bundle up last night at Sam’s Club for $120! Incredible
    deal for a ridiculously beautiful system.

  6. Eddie Def The Last KREEP

    funny ass shit d:_:b

  7. Just ordered mine. Tried not having a console in college so I could focus
    on studying…..didn’t last too long. 

  8. Most of PS1 accesories works well with the PS3! Just as PS2 accesories. You
    just need to buy PS2 to USB converter (about 3$). 1 converter allows you to
    plug in up to 2 accesories.
    You can also use them with your PC…

  9. Still waiting for a gta one 

  10. Its a amazing console … I bought this console and m very happy with it
    … it feels like heaven using it …

  11. I bought this because it included all the games and because it was time to
    finally switch from my old original model.

  12. TheGreatUtopiaCat

    Fucking nastiest shade of red on cheap plastic faggotry

  13. does the fan makes noise

  14. When are they going to make this game for the ps4?

  15. does ps3 superslim play ps1 games

  16. Guys I have the ps3 super slim 12g. I only play 1 game (black ops 2). But I
    only have 6232 gb left. I deleted things I didn’t need but I have 6243 gb.
    Please help me I need enough gb to play gta v.

  17. I got the Last of us + Arkham Origins bundle coming in the mail in a day or
    two and understanding that it can play ps1 games makes me more pumped about
    getting my package lol

  18. Thank you mark for giving me a reason to buy the super slim Ps3.

  19. Why am I the only one that likes the noise in the ps3 its relaxing i know
    its weird but yeah

  20. Wow, quite surprising. But can this ps3 play EVERY ps1 games or just some? 

  21. Yung Yakuza Trap God

    I love my black one. It’s a pretty good little console. Sometimes I find
    mine making an annoying noise but other than that I don’t have many
    complaints except that I wish I had known about this version last year. 

  22. i have the blue slim ps3 pes 2012 edition i love it

  23. chrisnygonzo121809

    You know what I actually really like this might have to track one down for
    my collection

  24. I hate this version of the PS3. That tray is horrible.

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