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Review: PS Vita

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  1. not sure to get one because of the price, and because nintendo crushes sony
    in games, their games are fun and there are billions of them

  2. Here are some of things i want to say: Vita has option to use buttons for
    homescreen insteadof touch. Vita is still worth it. This comment is from a
    vita too.

  3. Is the Vita still worth it?

  4. Austin, you bumber sqweeks because it is still new. Mine used to but so
    much usage allowed it to stop. For those who ask. A 4gb card comes with

  5. Vita is an acronym for virtually impossible to afford I can definitely say
    I can agree with that seeing as you can buy a FIFA game on iOS for about
    four pounds whereas on the vita it fluctuates between 40 to 60 pounds, so
    Netflix is the only good thing on it, but there is still PC gaming in our
    hearts who am I kidding PC gaming I way better. I <3 steam to the end

  6. Matthew Hoffmann

    im thinking about getting it now because its a lil cheaper and the games
    are at a reasonable price 

  7. Library is too small. 

  8. I know that the vita for most people doesn’t have a greatbattery , however
    mine has been lasting for about 6 to7 hours of game time and the newer
    model is also supposedly better

  9. I love my Vita! I just wish they will make NBA2K14 for the vita. Maybe
    they’re just waiting for 2K15.

  10. Makou330 - Gaming & More

    my left buttons squeaks :D

  11. heres a fix for the squeaky shoulder button
    use a philips 0 head screw driver and by the screw beneath the button.
    unscrew SLIGHTLY and it will fix the problem

  12. My left shoulder button squeaks too xD 

  13. what 3ds game is that on the left in the beginning?

  14. My god… That haircut though.

  15. You need to loosen the screw near the l button on the back and it will be

  16. I swear the ps vita was laying when he was playing uncharted 

  17. I don’t know why so many people hate the ps vita…

  18. You sound like a therapist. And that’s not a compliment. Every sentence has
    the exact same annunciation,with an annoying pick-up at the end of every

  19. nice hair cut

  20. and it floped at games com

  21. trulybrilliant23

    Omg I need to buy a charger I miss playing cod haha

  22. It’s too bad that the vita is now failing to the iphone and 3DS.

  23. I love it and i do a day with the battry

  24. gerald chickboyz

    how much ps vita now?

  25. he said record right now 3:05

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