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Sony PSP – Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings PSP Review

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  1. love how u called it oh and not circle 🙂 can tell your not a big
    playstation fanboy lol

  2. Looks terrible

  3. @stanleyopar91 WTH ARE CUBE MONKEYS?????

  4. @Bruno1986BR uh..bro.. Emperors tomb was a buggy glitched failure…….

  5. the main screen look like tomb raider

  6. Funny thing, the scene where he shoots the sword guy wasn’t actually part
    of the script. Harrison Ford was ill that day, so he had that idea, and the
    director accepted lol

  7. ds version sucked

  8. SevereRepugnance

    Looks fun. I might try to find the PS2 version.

  9. @ultragarrison that. it did.

  10. @stanleyopar91 So there were glitches? The game was still pretty fun so a
    real indy fan can look behond them.

  11. i actually like this game although i NEVER use the X attack cos its

  12. awsomeamerican12

    great cwality

  13. awsomeamerican12

    That scene with the guy with sword in the 1st movie was so funny

  14. @CanadianBlaze137 maybe LOL xD


  16. @Bruno1986BR which system did you play it for?..the Xbox one was buggy as
    hell..and was almost like an unfinished product

  17. so if the game level’s are that short there must about 100 leels then lol 🙂

  18. @Parkourfan316 You’re very welcome! due to time contraints and college..I
    haven’t been able to uploaed SHIT for almost half a year now! DX

  19. @Buddorang11 it was a response to someone spamming all my youtube videos
    with multiple accounts with the same trash… cube monkeys…people who sit
    at a desk with a headset on ready to scam people

  20. Good review man, make more, do one review for every game you own :P. You
    got a great review voice. Can you make one review for Silent Hill Shattered
    Memories? I will subscirbe 😛

  21. i saw a review and the graphics were awesome !! what about this review the
    graphics suck is this how the are in the real game????

  22. I love that scene you talked about, where indiana jones shoots that guy
    with the sword and kills him in one shot. Kind of off topic but anyways,
    thanks for the review, i’m now considering buying this game.

  23. yo mate if you like this indianna jones game you have two play indianna
    jones and the emperors tomb

  24. @Bruno1986BR On PC, Emperor’s Tomb was awesome for its day. Way better Indy
    game than this one IMO.

  25. @stanleyopar91 pc version is the best

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