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Asus G750 Gaming Laptop Review 2014

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  1. I have that one and its BEAST

  2. Alpine Landscaping

    lol i have the old one and its still a beast but im trying to find out what
    modle is the most powerful witch i cant tell on there site what one is top

  3. Will this play minecraft with shaders and skyrim with mods and other high
    end games 

  4. Is this laptop good with Team Fortress 2?

  5. Alpine Landscaping

    this guys review sucks balls its a great laptop tho

  6. Will it run hyrule warriors on decent or high settings

  7. This idiot doesnt know what hes talking about kill yourself!!!

  8. Alpine Landscaping

    mine never feels hot ever 

  9. wut is the specs?

  10. Beast laptop I play online poker for a living deciding between this and

  11. “We’re just starting to see PC’s with thunderbolt” *Looks at Upload Date
    Janurary 2014* Man I built my first desktop back in 2008 and that shit was
    still obsolete.

  12. latest games runs and can even set to ultra settings which never existed in
    2 years old games! Definitely a buy unless u want a gaming desktop

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