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Play or Pass? – Terraria Xbox 360 Edition – XBLA/PSN (Review/Gameplay)

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  2. 5 years of minecraft, 1 hour of TERRARIA! What’s better! HMMM TERRARIA!

  3. Preston Holesapple

    im buying this because of your vid i was undecided but now its gonna be
    mine, gonna look pretty sick on my 60″ LED tho

  4. he looses train of thought so often… ugh… it bugs me because I’m
    genuinely interested in his thoughts

  5. callum bogunovic

    The games better on PC even tho I’m a console player

  6. If u wanna play the game get it on pc its cheaper more content and
    generally more fun. Ps there is no cow layer *wink*

  7. If you press down the RIGHT JOYSTICK (R3) you can get the manual cursor.
    It’s useful for building

  8. Got the Vita version, one of the more expensive versions at $15 normally. I
    hear it’s the best portable version, and I really like it, I play more of
    it on the Vita than the PC since Starbound is really what got me into the
    genre, 505 Games is just benefiting on my interest XD

  9. terraria is a fun game i just got this on the ps3 last week. 

  10. Your going of topic and talking rubbish you keep saying I don’t like it and
    I like it 

  11. GT: Hubski

  12. Entertaining. But not extacly what I would call a Review. It failed to
    explain anything to me. just few minutes of you rambling about Terraria and
    Mineccraft. and As canvasgreen09 said. You go off topic WAY too much.

  13. עידן ברכה

    play i mean lp it on 360 or ps3

  14. no offence but the light lag is because its made of blocks 🙂

  15. This games controls are better on PC I swear, keyboard and mouse works very
    well with this game.

  16. This is 1000% better than minecraft

  17. and wait u state about they could of added more items minecraft had no
    items added in for their console ports xD

  18. I like your videos and all but I wish you knew more about the game and not
    be so forgetful, other then that great review

  19. Yeah as you get farther as you said a lot of items come unlocked and be
    able to be used and later game is called hard mode

  20. awww you’re such a kind and peaceful person

  21. hmmm ok message me

  22. what is terrira ? ive never heard of it

  23. depends on the world size you pick, in large its a pain in the ass to make
    a hellevator :<

  24. It doesn’t pause if you’re online, or at least I think that that’s how it

  25. the guy who created Terraria Andrew Spinks(Redigit) and his company Relogic
    licensed out the rights to Terraria to 505 studios who wanted to port it to
    consoles similar to how Notch and Mojang licensed Minecraft to 4JStudios
    studios and much like how Notch and Mojang still owns Minecraft he(redigit)
    and Relogic still owns Terraria just he owns the name, the ip, and the
    rights to PC version and all future content made for it while 505 studios
    owns the console version and any content made for it

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