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Nintendo Wii U – Wii Emulation/Virtual Console F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  1. So you need a wii remote or wii remote plus to access wii mode. and if you
    are going to play virtual console. You would need a classic controller or
    classic controller pro to play them. And no GC games do not work

  2. does anyone know if after you transfer nes and/or snes games can you still
    play them on the wii? or does it move the game to the wii u and it’s no
    longer on the wii.

  3. Is it possible to sync a Wii U gamepad and/or a Wii U pro controller to a
    normal Wii ?

  4. does the virtual console games work with a gamecube with an adapter?

  5. lieutenant lowercase

    I think Nintendo should’ve included a Wii mote with the Wii U, cause what
    if you want to play a Wii game like Super Mario Galaxy? Why include a
    sensor bar if you’re not going to include the remote? Now I have to spend
    an extra $40 to buy that remote

  6. SuperJumpReviews

    do the wii virtual console games look better playing on the wii u? I want
    to download punch out for nes but I don’t know whether to download it on
    the wii u or wii emulator. 

  7. Se puede usar una tarjeta eshop en la tienda de wii? Para comprar wii

  8. I can’t get past that that first screen where it asks my to Press A. is my
    wii u broken or what?

  9. Virtual console inside a virtual console. Virtual console inception!

  10. Donde pondría el código de la tarjeta? En la opción wii point card?

  11. so could i use the gamepad to play pokemon snap and not a pro controller?

  12. TheBattleProductions

    Update: Now the Gamepad works as a second screen in Wii Menu. Thumbs up so
    everyone can see.

  13. can you access the Wii shop with a pro controller? or is the wii remote the
    only control you can access it with.

  14. so, how can i install the emulator on mi wii u? 

  15. Thanks i now have majoras mask, super mario 64, and ocarina of time

  16. I can’t enter the wii shop channel it tells me to press “continue” but
    there is no continue option only manual or wii menu what is wrong 

  17. am I able to use Instead the Classic Controller a Wii U Pro Controller?

  18. I am now planning to purchase a Wii U. I own everything, including all
    consoles from the early Atari days all the way up to the latest generation
    consoles. I am a bitch, yes, but I am a whore as well.

  19. Randall Richardson

    For the WiiU system transfer. Is it possible to “keep” my game saves on my
    Wii by using 2 SD cards?

    (Have one SD card to back up my game saves, use other SD card for WiiU

  20. If I could use the Wii U Pro controller for the Wii U system settings, NES,
    SNES, N64, GC, Wii (remaped from Wiimote) and all WII U games i’d get this
    console, but with the multiple bullshit controller requirements this system
    does not deserve to survive. GC savegames from Wii via SD would be nice
    too. Make a proper firmware update or give up.

  21. Are you able to buy any gamecub games on the wii u?

  22. do n64 work

  23. Question: Could I buy say OOT, copy it onto an SD Card [not for
    distribution, there is now a law for you to be able to have a second copy],
    and run it on a PC emulator?

  24. i wonder if now that they’re shutting wii online functionality down it
    they’ll move the VC games to the wii u e-shop

  25. Ugh I don’t understand this I want to transfer a game from my wii u –> wii
    to wii u virtual console! Don’t know how, I think I can only play in the
    wii u –> wii console only!! And I downloaded the game in the wii u –> wii
    shop channel!!! Please help me!!!!

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