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Amazon Fire TV Hands-On Review – Plex, Gaming, MKV, Bluetooth Controllers, Interface

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  1. Is there a way to stream pc games to it or a way to mirror my pc screen to
    the fire tv

  2. Are you able to access the Plex channels through the Plex app or has that
    function been disabled like on the Xbox 360/One?

  3. Can read mkv files with usb? Can change audio and read srt subtitles? 

  4. So I can’t play videos from my external hard drive? :(

  5. Hi
    i have a question please . how did you pair this small bluetooth contraller
    to fire tv . i have a bluetooth keyboard but i could not pair it . thanks a

  6. Nice review – I respect your wall of trophies in the background although I
    can’t imagine keeping packaging boxes around like that! 

  7. Hey Lon ………… I’m just wondering if you aren’t signed up with any
    third party apps such as Hulu Netflix and the like how useful is the Amazon
    fire tv? 2ndly If you dont have Amazon Prime how does the fire tv appeal
    stripped down to its most basic sense? I’m wondering if this would be a
    great birthday gift for someone and whats makes it even more difficult I’m
    not from the states so that would mean that i wouldn’t get the best of any
    third party app help needed PLZ!

  8. The Roku says I have to have “Cable” to get some of their channels from
    “The Channel Store”… Does the Amazon Fire require Cable, also. I
    disconnected my U-Verse and I don’t intend to get “Cable” again.

  9. u sound like jim carrey

  10. Does the usb on it even work yet?

  11. Man the no MKV playback is the killer for me otherwise I would definitely
    trade out my WD TV’s for these. I noticed it has Twitch TV as an app.
    Would have loved to see the functionality of that… something WD TV
    doesn’t have… yet.

  12. Almost human is a great show!!

  13. Are you able to install apps? Like the XBMC

  14. Hands on review of the new Amazon box! We look at Plex, gaming, bluetooth
    controllers, and more.

  15. Della Vedova Hector Fabian

    is posible, use the usb port to read a hard disc.? When this option will be
    available …? There is possible the reading of an external hhdd having
    istalate the xbmc ..? Tanks so much…..

  16. Captain ToxicNacho

    You have to buy your own HDMI, *facepalm* although I have many mine is
    connected upto my xbox one

  17. Good review, Lon! I just picked one up, and am eager to check it out.
    Can you coordinate the Fire with SanDisk’s Wireless Flash drive by
    sideloading the app and configuring? If quality is good, that could open up
    one’s own video library.

  18. If amazon release the lock from the usb and let this tiny box play mkv
    files it would be the perfect media player. Meanwhile ill stick to my WDtv
    Live. I think they will never do that, cause is not really matter for they
    bussiness. Hope developers hurry up.

  19. I like it, but i have already the Roku 3, now my only question is that why
    the Plex on Roku does not have the nice interface that amazon has ? 

  20. you can send videos to the Fire TV from the Kindle Fire HDX …

  21. Oscar Villarreal

    Great information! Thank you. I bought two Amazon controllers but might
    return at least one of them if better Bluetooth controllers are available.

  22. Have you tried to emulate old, retro games on it yet?

  23. Richard Mitchell

    Great review. It sounds like, as you mentioned, it could be great in the
    future, but currently, doesn’t really stand out.

  24. Your should try this!! Install XBMC on Amazon FireTV – How-to (instal xbmc
    and with your wd my cloud stream your movies or shows)

  25. What services do you get with it ?

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