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Sony PS Vita Review

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  1. I liked the XMB way more than this bubbly crap

  2. 2:17 ABOUT A WEEK AGO!!! WEEK AGO!!!

  3. Nice video. I was wondering, because Christmas is coming up, and also
    because I’m asking for money, should I buy a PS Vita, a 3Ds XL, or a
    Gameboy Color? You don’t have to respond immediately.

  4. Minecraft Is For Playstation VITA!

  5. holy shit your voice is deeper now 

  6. TheParacordExpress

    you don’t like the gameslots because your putting the games in the wrong way
    put it in verticaly

  7. Anthony Montalvan

    Holy shit your voice

  8. You might consider the PS Vita PCH-2000 model that is slimmer, lighter, and
    a longer lasting battery with 1GB of built in storage, but in the US, it
    only is with the Boarderlands 2 game for $200.

  9. Yes it got YouTube app for psn store

  10. Why dont you make anymore videos?

  11. He sounds like Dominic From my school

  12. xxXCyberNationXxx

    Oh shiz, is that the same guy from the psp go???
    I almost didn’t recognize it until I read the channel

  13. legobrickification

    Whoa ur voice got so deep

  14. if you download games, it will make your console easier to carry around

  15. Skulduggery Pleasant

    Your voice changed from a annoying kid voice to a grown man… wtf?

  16. Vids


    Vita Vita Vita

  18. With GTA SA on this, I would buy it right away…

  19. you don’t have to put down the cards down for reality fighters 

  20. Is tweeterman dead? He hasn’t made any videos in like 10 months.

  21. @TechnicalNayzHD

  22. Being a PC Gamer, I don’t know whether I should buy a PS Vita or not. I’m
    not interested in hand-held gaming, but the PS Vita is a nice form factor.

  23. couldnt have said it better myself

  24. with a stand its common sence

  25. GodOfPlayStation

    shut up dildo

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