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Sony PSP – Tekken 6 Review

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  1. I played Tekken 6 on PS3/360, PSP, and 3DS, and the PSP version is the best
    version by far. I only paid $11.99 for Tekken 6 on PSP and 3DS, and $9.99
    for Tekken 6 on 360 and got to say, spend the extra money on the PSP
    version, though now it’s less on PSN. Do buy this game.

  2. Game is on sale for vita for $4.50. Buyin now

  3. come on lars.

  4. You’re making a review not a walk-through, leave out content that doesn’t
    have anything to do with game play it self or extended features or game
    play modes color commentary is also unnecessary and out of place in a

  5. I believe customization can be seen in arcade too

  6. analog stick isn’t good for this. have to stick with the d-pad.

  7. xxrapboyinthehoodxx

    best fighting game for psp getting it

  8. @CJ2GAME they each have their pros and cons

  9. @Backoffvideos actually?…no xD why do you say that? was my review similar
    to the official GameTrailers review? : )

  10. on Online you mean AD-HOC?

  11. monstersinthecity

    how did you do your game capture dude?

  12. @Backoffvideos heh. actually? not really…why…was it close to the
    gametrailers review??

  13. This wasn’t much of a “review” you went over a few features and then gave a
    tutorial of the game itself rather than a review of the product.

  14. I got to see that the graphics look great for a psp port.

  15. i shud’ve just bought it on psp i hate it on ps3 imo yea the fuckin last
    boss is butt fuckin hard shit i had that so much .. even on easy its hard
    the last boss

  16. Download from torrent

  17. welshwilderbeast

    @SuperRoGE14 actually since its much easier to hit rp+rk and lp+lk with one
    the thumb pres it is a much better tactic to set them to rp+lp and lk+rk

  18. you sound congested

  19. @geoni123 Ok…and your still immature Look at the series of posts you
    made…they’re not even different

  20. I like the video!!! Go stanleyopar91!!!!

  21. Tekken: Dark Resurrection is still a better game mostly because of the
    difficulty. I can actually enjoy playing.

  22. I have yet to get this game. I only got one fighting game on my PSP, and
    thats Street Fighter Alpha Max 3. Its a really good game, its 2D. I want
    this and Blazblue as well, hopefully I’ll get it soon.

  23. I didn’t have a PS3 or 360 but Tekken 6 on the PSP actually got me into
    Tekken. It’s a really good port. They also ported it to the 3DS now -Migoy

  24. can you play online with the PSP?

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