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Super Mario 64 DS Nintendo DS Review – Video Review

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  1. carlo francavilla

    Back when IGN wasn’t paid to do reviews. 

  2. Is this the same Mario game from Nintendo 64? :o

  3. uh…uhhh….uhhh… uh uh uh uh UHHHHHHHHHH

  4. now there is a analog stick for 3ds yay

  5. I want this game on wii u virtual console

  6. The only down side is playing with the other characters-_-

  7. they should make another remake of this on the 3ds and add waluigi to it.

  8. Mikey Malaszczyk

    DS version is better. It takes the masterpiece that was the 64 version,
    kept everything yet added so much more, so you were playing a new Mario
    game and that same old N64 version you played and loved in HD graphics at
    the same time.

  9. The Amazing Commenter!

    There are 2 ways to resolve that analog stick issue. You could play the
    game on the 3DS, or Nintendo could add it to the DS Virtual Console on Wii

  10. I literally bought Super Mario 64 DS just a week ago just to relive when I
    was 5.

  11. The original Mario 64 is my favorite Mario game In terms of nostalgia. In
    general my favorite is probably galaxy 1. Of course, this does not mean I
    enjoy Mario 64 soley for nostalgia, but it is nostalgic and fun as all
    hell. When I grow up I’d want my kids to grow up with Mario. :)

  12. There were analog sticks out of the box in the 70’s. The N64 was hardly the

  13. I really enjoyed this game, but I wish I could play the original game on
    DS. Using the other characters gets a bit annoying when I just want to
    experience the old game on my DS.

  14. I don’t like this remake very much, the fact that they put jump on “B” kind
    of kills it for me, I’d rather play the n64 version, I hope they remake
    this game on the wii u (which probably won’t happen) with better controls

  15. First game ever came with ds 

  16. He says the Mario 64 was made to take use of the ocntrol stick, but the
    truth is that the N64 got a control sick because f mario 64, wich was in
    development long before, and was sopposed to be a SNES game.

  17. man this game was the best so much nostalgia

  18. If they can make super mario 64 for the ds why can’t they make ocarina of
    time on ds? 

  19. uuh um aaan uuuhh uummm…seriously this review is horrible.

  20. This is surely the most technically impressive thing the DS can run. If it
    looks better than the N64 version, however, that’s probably because it’s
    being played on a 3-inch screen. Play the DS version through a 20inch TV
    and see if it looks better!

  21. did you say 8 year old game? at the time this shit was posted that was a 15
    year old game dumb ass

  22. play it on the 3ds it has a circle pad

  23. did you no tat a whaie 3ds

  24. what is this game like on the ds

  25. thanks 😀

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