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The Ferrari 9590 Extreme Water Cooled Gaming PC Project! (AMD FX-9590)

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  1. Easily overclock to 5Ghz? Shut up. And take. My fucking. Money.

  2. Carson Vandegriffe

    Do you have a video of it being assembled?

  3. please don’t promote u r site in the middle of the video.u must promote ur
    video in beginig or at the end…

  4. Its not that hard to click ahead on the video

  5. Balkan Tutorials

    man Hyper TX3 Evo would cool that badboy easy…

  6. i thought dota2 logo at the side haha~ quite close to be exact~

  7. Whens the giveaway XD

  8. You’re*

  9. 850 watts is not overkill at all, id say go with as higher wattage as you
    can afford, your system may not use all of it but then do you think running
    a PSU closer to the PC’s limit is better than running it at half its limit,
    ie if you have a 500 watt psu and your PC uses 470 watts you will have to
    get a bigger psu if you want to upgrade also the psu like anything if
    constantly pushed close to its limit it will fail quicker than if you had a
    600 watt psu.

  10. YOU MAD BRO!

  11. Thomas Lappenbusch

    Uhhhh im not exactly spoiled, im 12 and your probally much older so i know
    ur jelly u dont haz to be a dick about it……..

  12. You should do giveaway on that computer

  13. Because crossfire sucks.

  14. Yeah thats always better but if he doesn’t have enough money another cpu
    with 770 would be good for him.

  15. Abhik Roychowdhury

    I didn’t knew that… So, Thank you very very much

  16. The core i5 can handle hardcore gaming, games are gpu dependent and the
    core i7 doesn’t outperform de core i5 in games. But if you’re going to do
    editing and rendering, those kind of stuff, then the core i7 is worth it.
    That psu is overkill, even for a crossfire. Graphics card are getting more
    efficient every time, buying 850w psu or higher doesn’t have sence if
    you’re not running gtx 780’s or something like that. The tx 750 tx v2 will
    do the job.

  17. i love amd

  18. PRMEIV - F/A looking for 5k+ clan , skype - prmeiv

    are you actually serious oh my god hahahaha im so done with you retards and
    i meant 14 not 15 , slight mistake..

  19. Elric make a new song 😀

  20. oh dang, my bad. didnt see he was going with a 760, i agree then, 770 is
    better, but the best would be 4770k with the 770

  21. please tell me any configuration that consumes 470 watts of power. and I´m
    not taling about 3 way sli or something as ridicolous. 400 watts are more
    than enough for every normal gaming system out there.

  22. Better

  23. Maybe they tried overclocking the 9590, caused the burn of the hybrid ram
    factories, and thats why they havent uploaded any video of this build yet?

  24. I will be doing some editing and hardcore gaming, but the 850w is overkill
    because i was looking to future proof my pc in case I want to put another
    760 in and go SLI ect

  25. Are you the new motherboardsdotorg owner? You piece of failure.

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