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Driveclub – Playstation 4 – Full Review – Inside Sim Racing

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  1. Wow Sony sucks lately. GT6 was terrible, now this. Kaz will probably
    wreck GT7 with slow ai and boring career too. Oh well. No reason to buy a
    PS4 I guess.

  2. Inside Sim Racing

    We hope you enjoy our review of Driveclub ! A “Thumbs Up / Like” on the
    video would be greatly appreciated ! Watch all the way through for your
    chance to win a copy of Driveclub !

  3. The damage debate is tiresome and full of crap. Gran Turismo never
    incorporated it because they were and are hacks, imo. and chose that answer
    for convenience.

    This game’s physics is pretty ridiculous seeing how you put both wheels on
    the grass and you still zipped past the cars with all 4 wheels on solid
    asphalt. Get real, man. 

  4. Where is AC gameplay?

  5. I understand you are a hardcore simhead, and I watch your channel because
    of it, however some things about this review rubbed me the wrong way. And
    it more has the do with the way it was reviewed that the review itself.
    This game is an arcade title more akin to Need For Speed, Midnight Club, so
    really damage has no place in this game, especially with its target
    audience not being you (sim racers) and is targeted more at casual and
    arcade racer fans. Damage would be a horrible addition in that respect
    because it would take away from the fast paced “ramming is racing” feel
    this game gives off. And on the arcade subject and target audience note,
    assists and AI really are where they need to be for this title as well.
    Forgiving physics, not overly hardcore AI, and a generally lax attitude
    regarding punishing player mistakes This game was never marketed as a sim,
    or even sim like, is was marketed as a fun arcade racer for car people,
    racing game fans and the casual market, and I think your review should have
    reflected that.

    Other than those few point’s I thought the review was good, and covered the
    points about tracks, audio and wheel feel (my personally important
    subjects) nicely. I was disappointed to hear about the connection issues
    and network problems the game faced, and that there are no cars other than
    Euro, because I clearly remember there being a 370Z, Hennessey Venom, and
    Mustang in promo material. 

  6. Clarence Thompkins

    Great review +Inside Sim Racing I agree on most parts of the review and
    disagreed with some others, but overall it was pretty spot on. After all
    ways said and done I thought you would have given it a 6, but your points
    were valid for giving it a 5 especially with the online function of what it
    was suppose to be. Hope Evolution studious can learn from this mistake and
    regroup and just build a better game next time with DC2, I enjoy not having
    performance upgrades because you can tell who is the best in the
    leaderboards, but that’s my two cents on that.

  7. Guilty Bystander

    You didn’t talk much about the sound. Imo it has one of the most realistic
    sounding cars of any game ever released. Even one of the car manufacturers
    contacted Evolution Studio’s to use those sound samples for their own
    promotion of their cars.

  8. You should revisit Driveclub with the new weather patch that came out
    yesterday, looks and plays pretty great now.

  9. is this game like a Gran Turismo simulator kinda game or is it more like a
    need for speed kinda game??

  10. I’d like the game if your still giving it away:)

    I’m in the uk though.

    As for the game, Only played a short bit of it at a show.

    I’ve tried Forza titles and they never stuck with me, But GT did.

    But as long as they are honest opinions, That’s all that matters.

  11. Great reaview, what an absolute clusterfuck of a game though ha ha, i still
    havent made the jump to ps4 yet and im glad for now il stick to forza 3/4
    and gt5/6

  12. I think you’ve been too kind! The physics are off, the effects can be very
    annoying like the sun in your eye’s when you come out of the tunnel or the
    car headlights when it’s dark not being anywhere near powerful enough, and
    tonight the online is broken… again…
    This game is like what COD would be if it was launched with the multiplayer
    bit not working, crap.

  13. Great review. I was similarly disappointed. It’s just not a particularly
    well put together game. 

  14. Even after a year delay it’s clearly an unfinished product and i think Sony
    got fed up waiting for Evolution to finish and put it out to make back some
    of the dev costs.
    Still, both parties are at fault here for the game being in this state and
    the promise of patches to make the game better, whenever that will be, will
    not make anyone who paid 60 bucks for this feel any better about their

  15. I like Driveclub as a raceing game Im far from good at it. I also just race
    with the DS4. It has a lot of room for improvement missing weather and
    American cars. I do hope they will be added in county expansions at some
    point. Im sure if i was a lot better racer I would want damage penalty
    also. But for me its more fun as it is.

  16. Andrew Okolowski

    Might be getting this and a Thrustmaster t80 fro my siblings. I’m going to
    absolutely obliterate those shifting paddles. 

  17. forced team-work in driving games… no thanks. infact id love to meet the
    3 people worldwide that look for teamwork in driving games.

  18. You know what this game truly reminds me of? Need for Speed: the Run. I’m
    not saying that’s bad or good, but it’s like exact.

  19. This game has issues! Serious issues!!! And they still there but…it’s an
    online ADICTION!!!when it works…finished the offline in 5 days.
    Think FIFA, NHL, NBL, NFL online, but with CARS. Yes, it’s cade, not sim,
    but it’s freaking addictive online! I’ve played forzas, gt’s, horizons ( I
    prefer racing in open world in gta v online events instead of FH’s) and
    many others, but driveclub online it’s addictive, no 20 laps per race, just
    enter and race, just like any sports game, log in and just RACE. I’m not
    into DEEP sim racing, but I do like sims. By the way Darin, I wanna upgrade
    my rig, have 800€ to spend on a new wheel and a good wheel stand, any
    advices? Waiting for PC, GT7 and a new REGULAR Forza. I’ll appreciate any
    income from you and by the way, another spot on review.

  20. Nice review man thank you. I got a PS4 a week ago hoping pCars would be out
    in November but after finding out it won’t I started thinking about
    Driveclub. I was actually waiting for your review before buying the game so
    it was very helpful. You saved me some money haha

  21. It’s hard to give any game these days a thumbs down. The time and effort it
    takes to make these titles is immense. Its a hard blend to achieve having a
    ‘perfect’ simulator. Its time for a Richard Burns Rally update video
    Darin… ;-)

  22. Christopher Duperre

    Thank you for the honest opinion! I have a PS4 and I have been undecided.
    Please put my name on the list for the extra copy giveaway! Thanks!

  23. Great review, all review will cater towards different audiences… Your
    review was very informative since I am looking into a T300, and the game
    driveclub. Was expecting more with all the press in the past but still
    looks like a fun game and potentially much more once more of the bugs are
    worked out. Wondering if Japanese and American cars may be released as a
    DLC in the future as well.

  24. Can i ask ? How does it feels on the wheel compared to Grid autosport ? 

  25. Man, I’m new here, but this gameplay room is just heaven! Jesus!

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