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Resistance: Fall of Man PlayStation 3 Review – Video

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  1. I’ve played MGO and its decent, but like the other games you’ve listed they
    have no community and as such don’t even belong in the same category of
    this game. Empty streets? It’s a post apocalyptic world where the chimera
    have already taken over of course the streets would be empty in times of
    war you fool. Please tell me how the bosses are worse than every female
    boss from MGS4 or LOU which doesn’t even have any bosses. Play the game
    online and tell me if you get bored, but you wouldn’t even get a hitmarker
    on anyone if you tried.

  2. It’s funny coming here a generation late to hear this game referred to as a
    “Killer app” when I know what became of it. 

  3. They should bring this to ios


  5. was pretty much a graphics-game at launch, but now the visuals are dated.
    okay, this is not a memorable game, but still the nostalgia factor.

  6. resistance 4 come on on ps4

  7. Is this game worth getting as of 2014? 

  8. i had it on sd tv ohhh my hd please lol

  9. Awesome game love it! Defo a ps3 classic the co op is awesome too!! I’m
    currently play resistance 3 I bout it the other day it’s really good too
    deffo worth checking the resistance sequiance out

  10. This is my first FPS game on console, i dont know how to aim with
    controller and so on, but the game is really really good, i like it allot.
    And it kinda feels like oldschool fps, which is even more fun

  11. this game sucks

  12. They should make Resistance 1 but HD like how they are re-booting the old

  13. Hate fps worst thing on games.. Some war or alien invasion and some assole
    is running in the background shooting for hours and hours wtf? There is
    absolutely no variety in these kind of games no upgrade no level up it
    should suck to the core…, just gave it back and took infamous it looks

  14. Resistance 1 is clas-sick!!!

  15. We have a fourth instalment of the Killzone series, now somebody please god
    call Insomniac and get them to make Resistance 4 for the PS4 

  16. Is this game better or worse than resistance 3? 

  17. why can’t i dislike comments

  18. Nathan hale dies

  19. only resistance that has a versus splitscreen mode -_- to bad this awesome
    mode died…

  20. even on medium, this game is hard.. i think its like call of duty on
    hardened or veteran..

  21. Multiplayer servers for this and every other Resistance game is ending on
    Tuesday. Just think about that.

  22. Джордж Джейкоб


  23. Resistance 2 will remain as the best in the series. 

  24. KleinHendrixTheCool

    If it wasn’t for the God awful aggressive A.I. and stupid STUPID checkpoint
    system, this would have been a decent game but I just hated it. Glad I
    finished it finally and its out of the way..

  25. the servers are STILL PACKED. after all these years.

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