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Review: Gaems G155 Mobile Gaming Station (Xbox 360 & PS3)

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  1. Nick Tsukikibara

    but if you move your xbox 360 with a disc in it youre fucked…

  2. DunHiLa Craftera

    Well,actually it isn’t portable.The product is quite pointless when you
    think about it.

  3. Does this work with the PS4?

  4. This thing saved my ass when we went down south in the summer. You can only
    play basketball for so long in 100 degree weather lmaooo

  5. Kesavan Krishnan

    How much it will cost if we want to purchase that??

  6. I have component and hdmi cables in my xbox and i have not got it yet so
    im confused.

  7. I don’t know anything about slim or super slim. I have a normal ps3 and i’m
    just wondering if i can fit it in that case?

  8. I’m getting that for christmas 

  9. LittleLamb Gaming

    Could a xboxone work for this?

  10. Dude you should take a greyhound trip and use it on the road with your
    headset on the bus and you have wifi on the Greyhound bus that would make
    for an epic video

  11. hmmmm, i should get one and go to school with it, lol

  12. there is a cheaper way buy ezcap all you do is get your computer there will
    be be the red white and yellow componets and first you will get a yellow
    disc it will either will be small or big so put it in your computer it will
    show up install the stuff if wondering no viruses i use it so then after
    plug your stuff in open it up and plug it in you will have to set it to a
    certain setting so i will make a video about that so then your set you can
    record and play top price $20 or lower reply if need help

  13. Matthew Nickelsen

    whats the response time for the screen?

  14. nyanninja99 nyan

    Wait so yo play you need to plug it in to an outlet

  15. dude im homless and have one…. i carry it around while i ride my long
    bord …other day wiped out landed on top of it and slid 5 feet .really
    messeed up the out side of the case but its just scraps and still works
    fine ….also see alot of ppl saying cant travel with ur cd inside the xbox
    i think this is false i always do. love the case i wake up in the
    morning and my gaems case is coverd in dew and rain and yet nothing wet
    inside love this thing man

  16. I have the fat ps3 does that mean It wil not fit because I dont want to
    waste my money before I buy this.

  17. محمد اليامي

    تلعب علينا انت كيف تلفزيون في شنطة لازم سلك نشبكه في الكهرب

  18. I have one of these but will it work with Xbox one

  19. I don’t want to sound like a asshole but I rider get a PSvita then a huge
    box with a 16inch screen plus the psvita got good graphic u can listen to
    music video chat n it have the best apps the we love using facebook youtube
    netflix n much more n is 720p so what else do u really need just for 200$
    why spend so much in a big box 300$ O_O lol just my opinion…..

  20. you cant play it in a car

  21. wow this thing is like around 250 dollars…..MY PAWN SHOP HAS THIS AND

  22. imagine playing xbox one games on this..my god

  23. How do u get internet?

  24. this is probably a dumb question but i just want to confirm it for sure.
    Does it work for Nintendo 64?

  25. Is this work with xbox one

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