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Top 10 BEST Wii & Virtual Console Games Reviewed in 2012

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  1. i could not make a decision on which game is better xenoblade or the last
    story,i love them both but because of the HUGE world and seemingly endless
    things to do ill go with xenoblade chronicles for my personal favorite

  2. Death By Chicken!!!!!!

  3. Have you reviewed Godzilla unleashed on Wii?????

  4. I really enjoyed Fortune Street for the Wii. 

  5. first person I’ve ever heard someone say mario party 9 was good

  6. Xenoblade Chronicles is a very good game and the graphics are one of the

  7. You sound just like Chumlee on Pawn Stars! Nice Video man, I like this.

  8. heres 15-11 15.monster world 4 14.rythem heaven fever 13.sonic and knuckles
    12.back to the future the game 11.kirbys dream collection

  9. This title screen? What the fuck is going on here?

  10. I really like this video.

  11. Good job Wiiviewr and yes, THAT IS controversial. Mario 64 over OOT!? The
    Last Story over Xenoblade Chronicles? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang! Well it’s your

  12. He should do #1 gingerbread man then go on extencive detail of how it was
    so great. then be like JUST KIDDING!

  13. Did he not review Skyward Sword in 2012?

  14. I knew you really loved the last story but you said you reviewed almost all
    the games for the wii but there’s still one left Tomb Raider Anniversary.

  15. I remember the Wiiviewr saying he isn’t reviewing 3DS games. If you want to
    see 3DS reviews, I suggest you check out reviews from “KNIGHTWING01” or
    maybe “CGRundertow”.

  16. Final Life Gaming

    I mean, u obviously like role playing games. But top tening a game for the
    best is just in everyone’s opinion. There is no best game. Cause everyone
    has they’re own favorite genre of a game. Such as you Wiiviewr, im guessing
    yours were rpg’s. But someone else’s can be FPS’s. I’m just saying, in
    reality there isn’t a top ten game cause we all have our opinions.

  17. Dat Bubsy jab.

  18. Deathlulzstudios

    Rhythm Heaven Fever took my life,yet Xenoblade Chronicles took my soul.

  19. Ace Hybrid (Mr.Lucario)

    Is your name Eric?

  20. I hate wii sports…

  21. i finally got to experience Zelda OfT on the 3ds. I must say it is a bit
    better than i expected. first thing i did when i got to that village was
    getting my first death as a DEATH BY CHICKEN!

  22. …in Mario Party 9…

  23. Will you review WiiU games?

  24. what was the best year for the wii, will you do a video that is the best
    games on the wii ever. i think that would be a great video.

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