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CGRundertow NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. Loved this game when it came out. Definitely my favorite of the New series.

  2. I really have to disagree with the 3D models part. It looks like shit,
    Super Mario World looks so much better.

  3. This game is a 2 plqyer game right

  4. This was my first Mario game

  5. Thatonejollychap

    This brings back memories

  6. This video game, my childhood.

  7. You sir, are exaggerating way too much… This game was stale, bland, and
    extremely repetitive… 

  8. Yeah this game was overrated. The only ppl who will truly love it are those
    who didn’t grow up on sidescrolling mario games. 

  9. Not entirely sold on this game. The visuals kinds poops all over me, I wish
    they did this game with sprites or with a more graphic approach. The
    mainstream gaming industry seem to think that 3D is instantly better just
    because it’s more advance technology.

  10. One of my first games, one of my favorite games, and the damn best
    platformer this side of it’s sequel. Now if only I could find it…

  11. you talk too much man 

  12. That was totally me back in 2006-2009. We can relate so much. lol

  13. the first 2d mario game in about 20 years? have you ever heard of paper

  14. i did’t say classics are best i love new games and old games the same and
    btw i hate the 360 i love my wii and pc and ps3 and wii u and soon ps4

  15. appleipodtouch2g

    @YoSoyEdo I was the refering to the main quest, or campaign, whatever you
    want to call it

  16. why does this have so many dislikes?

  17. man I miss having a working DS to play this on

  18. I own an N64. It’s my 3rd favorite Nintendo System, but I actually grew up
    with my PS2, and playing my friends Gamecube. We used to play Melee and
    Super Mario Sunshine all the time. But I agree completely. The system I
    keep coming back to in the N64. 😛

  19. OLD super mario bross= THE BEST GAME!

  20. @RemyLanslots you should re-buy new super Mario bros.

  21. I might buy this game but what’s funny is that nobody complains about mario
    rehashing itself and i played almost all of them

  22. i didn’t understand a word you said so i just muted the video and watched
    you play

  23. if they re-released the original paper mario on 3ds, that would be..amazing.

  24. Thomas Stodghill

    My childhood game

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