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Best Gaming Laptops Under $500 2014

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  1. i have a 8 or 9 year old gateway win 7 laptop its not bad but i cant record
    some games at the lowest games

  2. I want to get a some-what cheap gaming laptop because I have a custom
    gaming PC, but when all my friends and I are just hanging out and gaming I
    can’t exactly bring it to their house. I just want a reasonable sized,
    decent laptop that can handle small games. Any suggestions? 

  3. fist take a look at the graphic and chipset, however w8 after the newyear
    there will be new models maybe an laptop like acer aspire v5 552g with
    8750m 2gb graphic that have 128 bit and 8gb ram and A8 or A10 procesor
    2.1-3.1 😀 something like that you guys should get

  4. What laptop or computer do you use to game, or do you use console?

  5. Hey I was think of buying the pavilion. I’m not a computer guru but how
    does it compare to a Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5351 Laptop (with an extra 4
    GB of added ram)? I will be very thanks if you could respond

  6. hi i was thinking to buy an HP Pavillion 15-R017NL it has an intel core
    i5-4210U processor and it has a dedticated graphics card NIVIDA GT750M 1GB
    however it has only 4GB RAM, is it worthed for 700 euro????

  7. Great video very informative! Do you think the HP Pavilion Laptop with AMD
    A8-Series, 6GB Memory and 500GB Hard Drive a good laptop for a light gamer?
    Its being sold at bestbuy for $399 and I don’t know if I should buy it or

  8. What would be a good desk top for around $550. I don’t know much about
    computers and most likely not Abel to build one. 

  9. what??? To my knowledge Intel has better “apu’s” then AMD… the iris 5000
    can run BF4 I think on high playable…

  10. Um do you think the 2nd laptop you showed could play left 4 dead. team
    fortress. Boarderlands. Assassin’s creed. Counter strike. I have a tight
    budget so im just wondering

  11. Do a gaming setup video oh yea I subed xD don’t know if you remember me
    from your gaming channel 

  12. Can the over 500 laptop can play bf3

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