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Review: Xbox One vs. Playstation 4

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  1. Sony sucks . Go cry about your loss of money on a crap console . They get
    hacked and their system repeatedly goes up and down . Ps4 has so many
    problems and you still stand by them lmao

    You say who uses kinect . Dumbass everyone that has one does . If you had
    one you’d use it but your play shit station doesn’t come with anything near
    kinects . Ps4 is laggy and slow still and doesn’t have the brute that Xbox
    one does . PS3 was a sad fail compared to Microsoft. Graphics might have
    been improved recently but tell me what difference does it make with the
    Xbox one in actual game play . Game play is still smoother with Xbox and
    you have tons more you can do along side of gaming . Xbox is a better buy .
    Don’t be bitter ;)

  2. What’s funny about all these people bashing on Xbox (take to mind I am not
    a Xbox fanboy I love my PS3 and I don’t own a ps4 but I have played it a
    lot at my friends house and I love it) but back to what I was saying is
    people are bashing on Xbox just for the price change but it’s a TEMPORARY
    thing it’s gonna go back up cause the holidays are here and people are
    getting next gen consoles for Christmas. And when I bought my Xbox one with
    out taxes it was $349.99 but with taxes it came out to $380.00 so take to
    mind it’s temporary and they are thinking about customers and like I said I
    love PS3 and ps4 also very much im just voicing my opinion

  3. Microsoft can suck my dick. FUCK THEM. 360 was great but it has been going
    to shit and getting worse each year. Connection blows online because of
    host, xbox has always had tryhards but now I can’t even play a cod game
    because 99% of the players are fucking nerds who don’t do shit but game all
    day. I have a life, I game in my down time, NOT live in my down time from
    gaming. I have found playstation has gamers that play for fun, not because
    of an addiction. I hate the xbox community and cheaters. I will miss halo
    but not microsoft.

  4. Fuck microsoft fuck xbox fuck you

  5. Ps4 is better you idiot

  6. Xbox is Better you guys saying everyone on Xbox is tryhards they aren’t
    they are just better like optic faze all the big clans play Xbox cause it’s
    just a better system! 

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