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Battlefield 3 Video Review (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3)

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  1. I regretted buying this game for PS3. There are a lot of Bugs and Glitches!

  2. Threatstodebts69

    i for one loved the bf3 campaign and think its the best tactical military
    campaign out there the only issue is its so short which lets MW2s campaign
    sneak up to it.

  3. Yeah, cause bf4 was glitchy as fuck

  4. HamadeGamingVids

    BF3 is better than 4.

  5. COD Fanboys Will be fuck up this game beat COD MW

  6. Fanboys= competition=Innovation

  7. People like me are rare these days 🙁

  8. …Only because CoD (still) has such a large audience.


  10. They have a reason to dislike call of duty.

  11. I remember my first c4 jihad jeep troll that shit was amazing… I really
    don’t care about realism. Fuck it it’s what made people war on Cod and BF3
    in the first place.

  12. OH the classes seemed similar i wasnt trolling sorry to sound stupid

  13. JakvsMetalheads999

    BF3 had a campaign with some neat moments, and the story had POTENTIAL and
    probably looked great on paper, but in the end it just didn’t go anywhere
    with itself. There was no build up, no climax, I’m one of the only people I
    know who even remembers the boring as f**k character’s names. All this
    combines to make a campaign that feels like a 5 hour shooting range. And
    btw, BF2 didn’t have a campaign.

  14. first person that lie in both games, dude go an play your medal of honor -.-

  15. How did this get a lower score that cod black ops

  16. I figured that out about an hour after I posted that comment. Very
    disappointing. I bought a new code anyways since it was only ten bucks
    though. I’m lovin the game!

  17. This seems a lot like Team Fortress 2

  18. stfu

  19. chrisshorenumber1

    Battlefield won the battle for PC, and Modern warfare 3 won the console

  20. i cant remember–was it much easier aiming in BC2?im just too inconsistent
    in this game, ive sort of given up

  21. Halo fanboys are some of the worst I have seen as of yet.

  22. CoD is harder to prone in some parts.

  23. I just picked it up for $20 used at gamestop! Totally worth it!

  24. That isn’t really true, every BF3 vid I have been on has at least one. How
    does stuff like that even start?

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