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NHL 15 Xbox 360 – Impressions & Review

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  1. you do realize the game he’s showing is actually NHL14 and not NHL15
    right… way to troll the gullible ones…

  2. If I don’t have NHL 14, should I get NHL 15?

  3. lol stop complaining about last gen ahahaha… you don’t hear people on PS2
    complaining about not having nhl 15 hahaha get the new system

  4. Christopher Johansson

    Maybe they gonna do a update soon like a 2 players collisions physics or
    something still im getting it and gonna sell that shit when i have a ps4

  5. PaPa SmUrF-29-45

    what a major fuck up, wasted all their time and effort on next gen, wow
    dont think ill be wasting 60 bucks for a roster update

  6. I will stay with nhl 14

  7. Stephen Aderanti

    Since I don’t have nhl 14 on my ps3 I’m just gonna get this one 

  8. He’s just playing nhl14 lol. 

  9. If you ask me they made some improvements to the current-gen consoles. The
    hits are so much more realistic. You don’t crush someone everytime you hit
    them. Also, I noticed that the AI is slightly better.The stupid blue-line
    rush is slightly better. I noticed that they transition from skating
    forwards to backwards to forwards much faster or smoother. Idk if that’s
    in my head, but it certainly does feel that way. They also don’t allow
    someone to protect the puck and they collapse on the forward. 

  10. GO HABS GO!

  11. Up here in Canada it’s still $69.99 for current and next gen systems. Maybe
    when Black Friday sales starts, I’ll get it when its at $39.99 for PS3.

  12. I’m planning on buying my first nhl game, should I buy nhl 15 or an older

  13. This is enough for me. Very disappointed. Thanks for the vid and saving me
    a lot of anger and frustration. 

  14. Looks like ea needs some competition

  15. I don’t care that nhl 15 optimized the next gen, but the fact that the
    previews were the same for both consoles pisses me off. I pre-ordered NHL
    15 for xbox 360 so I was ripped of from 5 dollars. I hope NHL franchise
    gets fined for the misleading trailers. 

  16. I bought this for my 360 and put it up for sale the next afternoon. I am
    not going to buy a $400 machine to play a supposedly better version of it.
    I will play more guitar this year. Might not buy NHL ever again. It is
    insulting to pay so much for just a roster update. If it had been $29.95 I
    might not complain, but this is BS. 

  17. Great review

  18. you talking like jimmy from gta 5 hahahaha

  19. Christopher Johansson

    Omfg fucking EA the scammer i preorder this game to Ps3 yes i dont have a
    ps4 but im getting one soon. and now when i see that is only a roster
    update and some shit made by EA the fucks

  20. EA sports should make NHL 16 for Xbox 360 more like NHL 15 for Xbox 1

  21. Next gen 100%, ea just wants you to pay more for the better version. After
    watching this video there is no way I’m getting it for xbox360. Thanks.

  22. Sounds like your crying. Fag

  23. Hmm I think half and half. But if you do compare to Xbox 1 the Xbox 1 is
    better but I just got 12 cause I never played before and I am comparing it
    to that so ya . I’m gonna get NHL 15

  24. This isnt a roster update. The gameplay is so much smoother. Puck/collision
    physics are great and tuned well. The game and ai players are tuned up
    greatly. How is this different from the few updayes every year simce nhl
    10. Slightly better graphics. Few gameplay enhancements. Who gives a rats
    ass about menus??? Worth buying just as much as any nhl has been for years.

  25. Im gonna buy NHL 15 But I DO have NHL 14 I just want 15

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