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Rocksmith 2014 – “Novice” Xbox 360 Review

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  1. To learn guitar and bass (and play together) did you need 2 copies of the
    game and 2 consoles or can you play 2 player on one copy? thanks!

  2. Sh3iko`s Horizon Videos

    Month of practice,.But how many hours played in a day? in average?

  3. does the guitar/amp tone get emulated by the program?

  4. This game looks seriously awesome. I seem to like the track selection quite
    a bit, from what I see, and this ain’t Guitar Hero, which is probably a fun
    game, but it’s a game.

    Personally, I think I need to get this game. It’ll give me a reason to play
    my Gibson Les Paul Studio that doesn’t get played.

  5. GamingTrendVideos

    Which is one of the best parts. My wife can play, and I can play. 🙂

  6. GamingTrendVideos

    About a month before, yes.

  7. So Ron u got this game months before?

  8. GamingTrendVideos

    Thanks – I appreciate that. 😀

  9. GamingTrendVideos

    That’s the part that I’m liking – the dynamic adjustment of difficulty. It
    makes me feel challenged without making me frustrated.

  10. As a noobie bass player, this makes me very happy! Gonna go pick this up
    tomorrow when it’s released here 😀

  11. Timothy Bradford

    You and your wife are awesome players…plus i bought this yesterday me and
    my bass band member love this game!!!

  12. Anthony Blackwell Jr

    this games best feature is give you confidence after every game play and i
    my option when learning something new and challenging is super important i
    am a super Novice myself and i love this game so far

  13. they should. Rocksmith 2014 comes with bass no extra cost.

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